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  1. KmikzeKen

    1st time attempt, question about wet sealant look

    I used Permawet to seal my initial paint. Then before hunts I'll slather some of the Liquitex Gloss for added wetness.
  2. KmikzeKen

    New P1 On The Way - FINISHED.

    LOVE it! That came out awesome, nicely done!
  3. KmikzeKen

    Female Predatoress Costume Build

    Amazing work bud, love the build so far!
  4. KmikzeKen

    New P1 On The Way - FINISHED.

    Excellent work bud, looks absolutely badass
  5. KmikzeKen

    Bloodclaw Predator Costume Build

    Awesome work, that thing is wicked.
  6. KmikzeKen

    latex muscle suit

    I used roughly 3/4 of a one gallon bucket of Monster Makers RD-407. The first layer seemed to take forever to dry. I couldn't tell you how many layers I ended up doing.
  7. KmikzeKen

    Kmikzeken's Wip (Pic Heavy)

    Last week I was able to touch up the body and head. I have a Meangene P2 head, Boar bio, and P2 spear sitting untouched though...I just received my shipment of Tim Gore's Bloodline paints and the Createx adhesion promoter to try out. If the weather predictions hold, I'm hoping to at least...
  8. KmikzeKen

    Custom suit build the Knarley Mofo Elder WIP

    Glad to see you found some new inspiration for the build :) Can't wait to see some pics! The paint pixie has been screaming in my ear for months but the weather here isn't cooperating. So I have to live vicariously through all these other awesome builds. I'm looking forward to the next update!
  9. KmikzeKen

    Predator WIP first build

    Looks like everything is coming along, looking forward to seeing that sculpt finished!
  10. KmikzeKen

    My First Pred Suit By ...maniak...

    Paint up looks fantastic, color matching is spot on! Definitely suit up before you debut it to get an idea of what it's like to get in/out of it and test a base level tolerance for it. Obviously wearing at home vs in a crowded convention hall are completely different, but it's nice to know...
  11. KmikzeKen

    Immortan Yautja

    Love it!
  12. KmikzeKen

    My First Predator Costume - Female (W.i.P)

    Excellent build, everything is coming together nicely
  13. KmikzeKen

    The Topknot Build. New photos of torso life cast build. 05/07/2015

    I'm bummed to see this went south on you, but I know you'll get it fixed and it'll turn out even better. Looking forward to the updates!
  14. KmikzeKen

    Bloodclaw Predator Costume Build

    Loving that bio, anxious to see the rest of the build!

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