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    Synthia - Animatronic bust

    Guys that looks amazing!! Very cool :D
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    Alien Facehugger Egg

    those came out pretty great :) I've been wanting to sculpt a full sized egg and turn it into a glass-top coffee table/ lamp. Probably sculpt a facehugger inside too
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    Ban Dai Legacy Power Rangers Helmet

    I think my brother has the red and green ranger helmets, not sure where he got them though. I'll have to ask next time I see him
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    Scratch built firefly Mals pistol????

    that was a pretty great tutorial :) I've been wanting to do one of these for a really long time, even found a dollar store toy that was a pretty close shape to use as a starter, never got around to workin on it. I gotta be honest I kinda like the idea of building one from scratch better
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    Optimus Prime Pepakura Head/Helmet...few extra pics added

    I designed this over the course of a couple years for myself based on pics of the MP10 toy, all I need to finish is the knees Here's the head, the face plate is a separate piece to allow for motion while talking
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    Custom robot head/ helmet displays

    they look pretty nifty, although I think I would've said they looked like a mix of Rocketeer and Darth Vader :)
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    Mad Max Fury Road Razor Cola Screaming Skull

    Re: Mad Max Fury Road Screaming Skull Parts it could be that they used that particular style of skull not only because it was "just laying around" but also because they liked the look of the cracks and chips in the skull (lending that the owner of said skull most likely died a most unpleasant...
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    Fallout 4 - Terminal - 3D Printed

    Man that's got all kinds of awesome all over it :D
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    FO4 Pip-Boy screen replacement & repaint!

    that turned out really cool but I think I might've left it clear and put a black card or something behind it so you could still use it when you use the phone and keep the curved screen
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    3D Printer roll call (speak up if you have a 3D printer & are open to collaboration)

    Re: 3D Printer roll call (speak up if you have a 3D printer & are open to collaborati I'm kinda new to 3d printing, but have been designing for a while. I have a knock-off Chinese Reprap Prusa which has given me no end of trouble, but isn't bad for small simple prints. Wife has ordered me a...
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    ISAC/Beacon unit from "Tom Clancy's - The Division"

    I've found that nail polish remover works nicely for smoothing out the texture on my prints. It's great for getting into the small areas you just have to be careful to keep your edges sharp Also I dig the look of the torx screws, they look like they would've been used on the ISAC
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    Replica Stripe from Gremlins

    He looks incredible so far, I can't wait to see him when he's done :)
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    Mad Max Fury Road Razor Cola Screaming Skull

    Re: Mad Max Fury Road Screaming Skull Parts Help The rivets look like upholstery tacks, you can pick them up at just about any craft store Oh and the pieces connecting the lower jaw are definitely the middle parts from turn buckles. Using lead for the metal straps is a great idea too, easy to...
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    Fallout 4 - Terminal - 3D Printed

    lol nifty :) That turned out really well, I can wait to see that larger scale version
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    Problem with my Jason Voorhees mask.

    what kind of clear coat are you using? You may be putting it on too thick.