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  1. Kingpin

    IDW's Ghostbusters: Ghost Smasher's Zapper

    For those not familiar, this prop replicates a bit of equipment used by the Ghost Smashers, a rival operation to the Ghostbusters in IDW's ongoing Ghostbusters comic series. The equipment is far sleeker and cleaner in design to the equipment used by the Ghostbusters, and series artist Dan...
  2. Kingpin

    The Blue Box - The TARDIS has landed!

    Re: The Blue Box Giving credit where it's due, the credit for this photo: Goes to Purpleblancmange. The Blue Box is looking splendid so far.
  3. Kingpin

    Recasters page on FaceBook

    Except he isn't, as of my last reading he was still listing Proptopia as a recaster-supporting forum.
  4. Kingpin

    Recasters page on FaceBook

    It devalues the aim of the page when it makes false, baseless claims like the one levied against Proptopia, it also calls to light a potential issue of it simply being sour grapes from a former Proptopia user.
  5. Kingpin

    Supernatural EMF detector

    Spectacular work on the meter display, I wasn't sure we'd get a good enough match... but I'm happily proved wrong. :)
  6. Kingpin

    Warehouse 13 - The Tesla Gun

    Absolutely beautiful, I liked the standard Tesla already... I like the Victorian effort even more. :)
  7. Kingpin

    Thundercats : Sword Of Omens Dagger Build

    Fantastic work, knocks the pants out of the toy from back in the day. :)
  8. Kingpin

    Chest Plate from RotLA

    Re: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Belloq Chest Plate by Prop Movie Studios Very nice sculpting work going on there, looking forward to seeing it all finished up. :)
  9. Kingpin

    Looper: Other Props and Wardrobe

    If it's like most pocket watches I've experienced, gently pull the winder knob upward, that should then allow you to set the time.
  10. Kingpin

    The thing to remember is that most Ghostbusters prop makers won't offer a fully finished Proton Pack out of respect for Sony, those who do (like Bob's been trying to do) run the risk of encurring the studio's wrath, which could then put the kybosh on everything. Supporting Bob doesn't just...
  11. Kingpin

    Once Upon A Time - Rumplestiltskin's Dagger (pic heavy)

    With a shot like that, you could actually trace over it in Adobe Illustrator as the characters are nice and sharp.
  12. Kingpin

    Looper Blunderbuss - Pics of Painted Slushcast Kit on pg. 18

    Re: Rian Johnson's "Looper"...I LOVE these props! Browsing eBay UK for an unrelated prop search involving pocket watches, I stumbled across this interesting watch, which instantly reminded me of the unusual dial of Joe's vintage timepiece: After a little searching, I started to narrow my...
  13. Kingpin

    WIP-Ghostbusters:The Video Game Props, Label ID, reward offerd

    Re: WIP-Ghostbusters:The Video Game Props, SLIME TUBES!!! I'd wanted to find a comparison graphic showing a number of different variations used on the PVS-5 Goggles, but sadly couldn't locate it. The quick answer is: no, the graphics on the side of the Ecto Goggles aren't inspired by the...
  14. Kingpin

    Ghostbusters Trap Pedal

    Bah! Why didn't I think of that for my pedal?! Great build, J.
  15. Kingpin

    Ghostbusters proton pack part identification

    Here's another voice in support of Nick's parts. I had the pleasure of working with him to develop the belt gizmo kit, and his store has flourished considerably since then.

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