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    Thor End Game Outfits (Spoilers do not open)

    Here's another link: Unisex Cardigan
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    Original Green Ranger (Sentai) Dragon Shield Material

    Hey, all! Really sorry that I didn't make it here sooner. So, to address the OP's initial speculation, there were two different shields in the original Japanese series; the hero shield and the stunt shield. The hero was covered in gold fabric while the stunt was cast foam. Was the hero also...
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    Question Premium Membership Issue

    Thanks Montagar!
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    Question Premium Membership Issue

    Weird, I had the same thing happen to me. I paid for my premium subscription on Jan 9th but I just got an email saying my membership was cancelled and I didn't do it. What do I do now? *Edit - I just checked paypal and my recurring payment to Movie Prop Sites, LLC is still listed as active.
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    Iron Man mk. 45 references

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but Bandai's Tamashii Nation line just posted images of their new mk 45 figure being released in August and I thought it might help as reference for some of you IM suit builders. Nice comparison to the mk 43: Looking forward to seeing more IM builds.
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    The Definitive CW Arrow Thread

    Ok, so the bar glide I found is right for the wider quiver strap in that pic with the circles on the middle bar of the tri-glide? Thanks for the info, guys. You are really helping my buddy out. :)
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    The Definitive CW Arrow Thread

    See the reason why I question the width of the webbing is because of this photo here that Pinder posted (that I edited): If the width of the arrow's shaft is approximately a 1/4" or 0.25" and I use that measurement (the white box) to determine the width of the webbing, I get 1 1/2" wide...
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    The Definitive CW Arrow Thread

    YKK is one of the biggest manufacturers of buckles, tri-glides, fasteners, etc on the planet so it seemed like it would be a good common place to look. Also I have larger version of the 38mm tri-glide (the one I have is 50mm) and the basic structure except for those circles is remarkably the...
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    The Definitive CW Arrow Thread

    Are you sure? Just asking because I have gone through YKK's entire catalog for multiple countries and the 38mm ones were the only ones with those weird circles on the middle piece and I know he's wanting to be as accurate as possible. Thanks for the info, all.
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    The Definitive CW Arrow Thread

    A friend of mine who's currently making his own Arrow costume asked me to help him find some tri-bars for his quiver rig but wasn't sure about the width of the straps. This is the tri-bar I found and can get plenty of: This is a 38mm tri-bar (total width is 47mm as written in the photo). Does...
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    D.C.'s The Flash (tv series)

    I saw it and all I can say is that I love it.
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    eFx Collectibles Announce THE AVENGERS Limited Edition Replicas

    I just got my email yesterday as well. Very excited! :)
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    Gatchaman/ Battle of the Planets/ G-Force First Look (Japan)

    It's far too bad they didn't at least stick with capes more similar to the original.
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    My MMPR Stunt Helmet Kits builds

    As of right now, no. I still have to finish smoothing out the back a little more and I have too many projects on my plate to just focus on that one right now. But maybe in the near future. :)