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    Plastic dl-44

    Made a dl-44 blaster out of a plastic c69 Mauser and a 3D printed flash hider
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    Pretty Decent DIY clamps

    I recently bought a Blasttech mpp clamp, and it hasn't arrived or been shipped yet. I'm impatient and I like making things, so I thought I'd try and make my own First, I experimented with a metal 1 1/2 inch tube and cutting it into strips for the bars. Didn't work out how I wanted it to, but if...
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    I'm a little confused

    So on January 13 I sent Blast tech a payment for the MPP clamp, and an email with a question. He replied to the email telling me that yes, the clamp was in stock, listed all remaining stock parts and said that shipping will be slower than usual. 2 weeks later he still hasn't shipped the part...
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    Want to Buy MPP clamp

    Looking for a MPP clamp Preferably a replica to keep the cost down message me if you wanna sell me one
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    DL-44 Scope and Mount Blast-Tech

    I recently got an email from him about a week ago and this is exactly what he said: The [MPP] clamps are unpainted. See below. Please Note Blast-tech is going out of business. We are no longer producing parts but will remain open to sell off surplus (see list below). Due to limited staff...
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    Skywalker Ranch Archives Photo Dump

    A couple years ago
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    Skywalker Ranch Archives Photo Dump

    Cousin gave me some more photos of when he visited the Archives
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    Where you found your camera flashes

    Kinda just wanted to know where most people got there camera flashes, like graflex and mpp microflash. Been looking for some myself but ebay is too expensive.
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    Possible Clamp

    It only goes halfway around the tube, so not accurate, but it's useable
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    Possible Clamp

    Oh, and a side note, should I drill holes into my pipe to make it look more like a real MPP? it looks fine without it, I just am trying to go for authentic.
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    Possible Clamp

    what would be a good way to cut them? i considered like a coping saw but that might be too messy. Maybe a something with heat?
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    Possible Clamp

    Do you think I should cut off the side fins?
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    Possible Clamp

    like I said, just a bit big
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    Possible Clamp

    So I have this prototype Vader ANH saber that I test new things on, like 3d printed grips and such, and I found this bike flashlight clamp in my garage that I thought I should use. I know the knobs are off and the size isn't right, that was an accident, but would it look better without the side...
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    Vader/graflex clamp

    yeah wait can't you just cut the lower middle piece with the nails on it to make the clamp move freely