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    Done / Completed NV Goggles.

    Re: JP NV Goggles. The last of 'em! Rylo's reputation precedes him and that's good thing. Well earned and deserved for some of the finest engineered and unique props out there. Good luck with the run, brother! Bruce
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    Nautilus 31" Brodeens

    Nice Nautilii! Bruce
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    Rarest prop replica (or real prop) you own

    SD Studios Yoda's lightsaber, #16 of 30. Bruce
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    TWIN PEAKS Black Lodge Scale Diorama

    This is a for-mi-ca table...Give me all your garmonbozia. Neat project, looks good and definitely something out of the mainstream! Bruce
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    Help identify a CIA Badge holder

    Do a search for "credential case". The agency I work for uses the Strong Leather brand. Bruce
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    JJ Abrams Super 8 Trailer (Trailer Spoilers?)

    Meh. Completely and utterly meh. Bruce
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    amazing Republic Cruiser + base, from Japan

    The level of detail on both the model and the base is ridiculous. Crazy talent with that build. Bruce
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    collection showoff! - new projects - kids - kitt - pg 18

    Re: collection showoff- 2 weeks before BABY! Let me also congratulate you on the forthcoming addition to your family! Next...That is one superb collection from the hidden door all the way down to the displays. But don't you think you might need at least 1-2 more X-Wings? :lol Keep us...
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    NEW! (Metal) Cross of Coronado - Progress Thread

    Beautiful work as always. Color me intrigued by this new Headpiece of Ra as well. From the description, it sounds like some tiny writing if it fits on the feathers but I know you're up to the challenge! Bruce
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    Duke Leto's Ring. (Lynch Version) Pic request

    Has it really been that long?!? This was one of the first pieces I ever got from Rylo and still happily have it in my collection. Bruce
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    Defying Gravity's Nod to SW Cantina / Derwent / IG-88?

    Holy crap, are you sure this show wasn't on Fox? :lol Bruce
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    NEW! (Metal) Cross of Coronado - Progress Thread

    Homina homina homina! :eek /wolf whistle/ That's a beauty, Brenton. :love Bruce
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    Rylo Luke ROTJ Saber and Saber Collection Show-off

    Of course it was a test! :) The real copper neck can't be beat for appearances when it's polished up nice and shiny. Color me jealous of that one! Bruce
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    Rylo Luke ROTJ Saber and Saber Collection Show-off

    Those all look great but is the control box mounted backwards? I thought the green arrow was supposed to be closest to the business end. Awesome collection with the major sabers all making an appearance. Bruce
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    Matsuo is the BEST!

    The one time that I've dealt with Matt was also an excellent experience. He's got top-notch casting skills, extremely reasonable prices, and has superb customer service. Kudos to Matsuo! Bruce