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    SGU Stargate Universe Season 2 discussion thread SPOILERS possible

    I have been watching it from the begining. I want to give it a chance. I agree with Kerr Avon. Waiting for the Altantus movie...
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    Supernatural:John Winchester's Journal

    Heck I thought the inside would be the most difficult part about this project. There must be someone here at the site with expertise about leather bindings. Now on to google to see if there are online tutorials.
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    Sam Winchester's Pilot Knife - Klaww of Death Dagger

    I have been trying to find out what the name of the blade is the Sam Winchester is holding on the DVD cover art for season one. Finally, I found it. It is called the Klaww of Death Dagger. You can buy it for $40.00. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Hope...
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    Supernatural Colt Replica - PIC ADDED!!

    I may be able to save you time. I have talked to the guy that runs this website and the colt replica he has is not screen accurate...yet. Apparently he is getting an official license and will be available soon. Plus there are other cool props there...
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    Supernatural:John Winchester's Journal

    Very interested in this.
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    Jack Bauer's S6 Phone

    Thanks a lot.
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    Jack Bauer's S6 Phone

    Tonight on the episode they really showed Jack's phone and I was wondering what model it was.
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    OK, it's premiered.....DRIVE Props?

    Thanks for these.
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    How to make your own spartan helmet

    Thats very cool. Where can you buy the fiberglass/bondo cause I want to give this a try.
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    Constantine: Lighter Project *UPDATE 04-09-2009 - Pics of brass parts are up*

    Keep up the great work. I've been watching this for a while and I am very impressed
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    Need some Season 6 of 24 screen shots....

    I saw a trailer for the next two episodes yesturday and not to give away any spoilers, we will get to see a lot of the inside of the briefcase. I would recomend taping it.
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    Superman Returns

    Street, would you ever think about casting the screen used one?
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    Jack Bauer's handguns...which ones?

    Thats sweet thanks.
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    "24": Jack Bauer's Bag 'o Tricks

    If you want the exact one for cheap: Its the same exact one on amazon but cheaper. This is where I ordered mine from.