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  1. jrschmd

    Finished my Kyle Katarn Saber

    This was my first attempt and making a machined lightsaber. I'm pretty happy with the results. I was amazed at the time involved in making one of these. I was using a friend's shop and worked on it about 1 night a week for the last 2 months. Well enough talk here are the pictures. And...
  2. jrschmd

    How do you paint Aluminum?

    Thank you for all the help.
  3. jrschmd

    How do you paint Aluminum?

    Hello I'm working on a lightsaber and having problems with getting the paint to stick to the aluminum. I've sanded it, washed it and primed it first but still it flakes of easily. I know powder coating is the best option but I don't have that option available. Thanks for the help.
  4. jrschmd

    Help with saber part

    No that does make sense. I'm not sure what an indexable head is. Is it just a V shaped bit with a wide flat tip. (Sorry I'm very new at this) Does each space need just one cut or does it depend on the cutter. I'm using a friend's shop to make this and am limited to what tooling he has.
  5. jrschmd

    Help with saber part

    I"m working on a custom saber and need help making a part. This is my first attempt at making a saber out of metal. The pommel is basically an ROTJ Luke with a flare at the end. Here is a picture. I'm not sure how to go about cutting this out. I know some to the knobs seperately and then...
  6. jrschmd

    Resin repair?

    I too have used simple wood putty to fill in holes on a resin lightsaber and found it very easy to work with. I have also used it to fill in seams on models. Works great.
  7. jrschmd

    Plo Koon Episode I saber

    Thank you everyone for your replies those are the only two references I could find too. I'm plannig on making one and am trying to find as many references to it as I can before I start.
  8. jrschmd

    Plo Koon Episode I saber

    Hello wondering if has seen any proof that the following picture is plo koon's lightsaber from Ep I. I know the hasbro action figure comes with it and luuke has it on his site, but has anyone seen it elsewhere in the star wars prop world to prove it existed and that this is it?
  9. jrschmd

    Republic Commando Props

    Just recently played Republic Comando for the first time and am now a big fan. Just wondering if any of you more experienced prop builders have made anything from the game? (guns, helmets, armor, etc.)
  10. jrschmd

    Obi ANH upgrades

    Very nice. I did mine in the ROTS scheme but kept the one transister and calc bubbles.
  11. jrschmd

    Show off : My new Plo Koon saber

    Sorry everyone, been busy with a new baby. The full image should show up now.
  12. jrschmd

    Show off : My new Plo Koon saber

    Just wanted to show off my new plo koon (aka mace Episode I) saber. Found it on ebay and touched it up a little using wood putty to fill the air bubbles and chipped parts. Removed all the old paint and refinished it with Krylon Fusions silver metalic paint. Didn't turn out too bad. Still unsure...
  13. jrschmd

    More Obi Cut-away madness from Howard.

    Very nice. Obi's is probably my favorite saber and what you've done makes it just that much cooler.
  14. jrschmd

    Firefly kit on SSM

    Hey I just saw Serenity last week and am not up to current model news. What models exist and/or what is in development?
  15. jrschmd

    MR ANH Vader FX Blade removal?

    thank you for the help.

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