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    Axanar - Crowdfunded 'Star Trek' Movie Draws Lawsuit from Paramount, CBS

    I have to say, as a writer, if someone took something I created and used it as a simple fan movie, I'd be flattered and I'd probably support it. If I found out someone was taking something I'd written (and use as part of my desire to earn a living) and was doing a $250,000 crowd sourced funding...
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    Full size A-wing prop for Episode VIII

    Re: Full size A-wing prop for Rogue One According to Mark Hamill's tweets it was April 18 and multiple articles say it is the Ep. 8 set.
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    Star Destroyer....18 years in the making.....

    Both of these are great. I really love how the small one turned out. You've done a fabulous job of meshing the parts together. You should be really proud of both of these. A fine job of modeling.
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    Attention: BANDAI will stop selling kits outside Japan

    Honestly, that is a pretty short list. General Electric is currently involved in 14,000 lawsuits. If you could make a list of C&Ds and infringement lawsuits for corporations with similar revenues to Star Wars you'd probably find the Lucas list to be longer than you'd think, but dramatically...
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    Force awakens Star Destroyer

    Wait, this just hit me. The SD name is actually Finalizer. Okay. I was a little worried when they put JJ and his boys in charge. The things I'd seen lately eased my fears, now I'm back to being worried. As for the shuttle, I'm betting the upright wings fold down so that they're even with...
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    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    Don't know if this one has been covered- Gun Circles. Like Reservoir Dogs. Guy 1 points gun at Guy 2, Guy 3 points gun at Guy 1, so Guy 4 points gun at Guy 2.
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    Reveal "The Force Awakens" models already in stores!

    If you add any of the EP.7 models to the basket on the Revell site it says available Sept 4th. I know according to "leaks" of catalogs that a number of the action figures and playsets are due to be released on Sept 7th. I think there are also Lego sets releasing this week as well, but not 100%...
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    blue prints for the shear joy of it.

    I could not get them to open in a pop up. I right clicked and selected open in new tab, worked just fine. Thanks for these. Hope you have more- even with estimated dimensions they can serve as an excellent starting point.
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    X wing in space!!!

    I wonder if it survived its return trip.
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    Repairing a Precious Moments figurine.....

    Are you saying the figures would've come to life and killed you in your sleep? :) To the OP: Good luck with the repair.
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    Repairing a Precious Moments figurine.....

    Years ago my wife got me involved in repairing a few of her grandmothers porcelain figures (they were not precious moments, but I'm going to guess a similar repair would work). The stuff we used was called Magic Sculpt, the only problem with it was we could only find it in like a five pound...
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    Mythbusters - WTH man? No Tori, Grant, or Kari?

    About a year ago I read an article about MB that talked about Jamie resenting Adam for the better part of the first three seasons. After that things thawed between them a bit, but there were still times when Adam felt like Jamie would rather he just go away. By season 5 they got along better...
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    How I Met Your Mother

    My wife and I had a love/hate relationship with the last three seasons or so and probably only watched about half the episodes, often wondering why we were watching at all. We really didn't like what they'd done with Robin and Ted had just become a hapless schmuck. We somewhat reluctantly...
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    The Walking Dead Season 4

    I've been telling my wife for a week it was a Beth-B-Q. She didn't believe me, but now she thinks I'm right. Although, it's more likely beth is locked up somewhere around there.
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    The Walking Dead Season 4

    I doubt there is really anything helpful about the roughnecks. At least two of them will be zombie bait, Daryl will kill one or two more, the others will vanish and return later (including Joe). I think they'll have the issues with them happen in the first episode of next season, I don't think...