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    Platform boots

    thank you sir
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    Platform boots

    Has anyone had good success making platform shoes or boots. Looking for 4in. Or 5in. Any help would be great.
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    gene simmons destroyer costume.

    I was looking to make it the costume. but finding people who have made this is scarce.
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    gene simmons destroyer costume.

    hey everyone been searching a lot on the old innerweb and having no luck. Anyone know of any kiss costume forums or such. thanks any help would be awesome.
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    Done / Completed Suit

    Re: Iron Man 3 XLII Full 3D printed suit Very interested
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    Is this the Droid you´re looking for? Battle Droid *completed*

    Re: Is this the Droid your looking for? Battle Droid *completed* awesome work
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    Michigan Prop Party 10/1/11

    Do we have a date a time for this. is it still oct 1
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    My Kroenen Costume Project!

    Does anyone know were i can get this mask kit been looking awhile and gave up now this. Its awesome thanks Jon
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    Michigan Prop Party 10/1/11

    Re: Michigan Prop Part Interest Thread Iam down for this just let me know maybe a couple of us get together and talk about it and gage interst i would help out.
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    seburo c-x

    well it says from niihama-factory japan also wqarning on reading manuel for safe operation on it. It is an air soft gas powered blowback and its made out of the same plastic that the gun is made out of so its not resin that i due know. i have worked with resin before and thats not it. i think...
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    seburo c-x has any one seen this or know what its worth. I found this. thanks JONNIE WISHBONE
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    Full Size Speederbike

    WOW very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Vac Tables: What do you cook your plastic with?

    i made my own table but got a used oven to heat the plastic up.
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    My Begins/TDK/TDKR props & replicas

    Re: My TDK/Begins props & replicas Very Cool all I can say