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  1. Johnnymuffintop

    2019 Los Angeles/ So Cal RPF PROP PARTY May the 4th

    SUPER late sent, hopefully not TOO late.
  2. Johnnymuffintop

    Ant-Man Civil War - Pattern Drafting

    Even if I'm not too keen on making an Ant-Man myself, totally subscribing to this thread just to see someone actually using Marvelous Designer!
  3. Johnnymuffintop

    MCU Spider-Man - 3D Print Files/Pattern - FREE

    If, by chance, you were to turn those individual parts into vectors or just show each individually and show where their rotation point is I'd love to throw it on my laser cutter and do some prototyping.
  4. Johnnymuffintop

    Fallout 4 Prop Thread

    That understructure for the power armor! I must get those files. I've got a pretty inexpensive option for a Pipboy in the works, pics definitely to follow.
  5. Johnnymuffintop

    Captain Kirk TOS at Comikaze

    Awesome! Loved your outfit at Comikaze and especially love that you came by my booth. That Planet Killer was gorgeous.
  6. Johnnymuffintop

    Cancelled Maverick Hunter (Megaman) Game Costume

    Sadly no, my modelling skills are no where need what they need to be to build this one. So, instead, I'll be freehanding this one in Worbla... at some point. First up is my Black Mesa HEV suit.
  7. Johnnymuffintop

    Fully 3D Printed Functional MK 42 !! :0

    Coming along great, James! These pics don't do it proper justice. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  8. Johnnymuffintop

    Vampire batman display

    We may need to take some more pics with some spookier lighting. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  9. Johnnymuffintop

    Vampire batman display

    I've seen this first hand, and boy is it striking to suddenly walk into a room and see it.
  10. Johnnymuffintop

    Star Trek Beyond costume thread

    So, I'm starting to like the new uniform (still meh on the field jacket getup though). I'm seeing it somewhat like the season 3 TNG uniform. They want it to look less like a shirt and more like a uniform so that modern audiences better understand. I get it, just which the color was totally...
  11. Johnnymuffintop

    Star Trek Beyond costume thread

    I get they're taking a lot of cues from Guardians of the Galaxy to make it more "fun", but that doesn't mean they should abandon the TOS aesthetics. Would have preferred something more like this:
  12. Johnnymuffintop

    Show us your Star Trek costume

    This totally counts, right?
  13. Johnnymuffintop

    Spider-Man patterns

    Not at all. Ever since I drew it up I've wanted to see it worn. Though if I wore it I'd wanna do a Green Lantern movie styled illuminated muscle with EL wire... hmmm, the possibilities.
  14. Johnnymuffintop

    New Sam Rami Spider-Man Concept Art 2015!

    Neat! Would love to see this guy worn. I also love how a lot of elements of this design inspiring the Amazing Spider-Man one.
  15. Johnnymuffintop

    Spider-Man patterns

    Holy cow! You're using my Amazing Spider-Man styled 2099 symbol and it looks gorgeous on a suit! I may need to get that one in a dark blue soon!

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