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    Fifth Element: Korben Dallas blaster (mostly metal)

    Looks fantastic, perhaps you could polish up the metal parts and have it as a silver ghost version like the Blade Runner PKD!
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    2018 Hasbro Marvel Legends props?...

    Just seen the new to be released Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Nano Power Gauntlet at the Hasbro store. This is due in the fall and is $99.99 so just ordered mine. With some tweaking of the paint job I think this could look pretty sweet!
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    Interest Ironman MK5 Briefcase

    Hi Sunkistshark, Thanks for helping to sort this out I hope amicably. Cheers John
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    Interest Ironman MK5 Briefcase

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    CAT TOYS Iron Man Mk42 gauntlet

    Does anyone have the MK 42 helmet if so how do you rate it and has anyone had dealing with The Pach Store? Are they reliable?
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    Interest Ironman MK5 Briefcase

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    Interest Ironman MK5 Briefcase

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    What's your most expensive prop purchase regret?

    Oops I did it again.....just threw $300 with shipping and taxes down the toilet on another recent purchase of a prop kit that turned out to be about 70% of the size it should have been..........and this was from a supposedly trust worthy source. Their defence is and let's not forget this is THE...
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    Interest Ironman MK5 Briefcase

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    Hasbro Black Series replicas at Celebration?

    I also just ordered this from Amazon but probably need more than one as if possible I would like to convert one to the Luke blast shield helmet to go with my recently acquired Trooper Trent Jedi Training remote :)
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    Drax's Knives

    They look amazing, great work as usual (y)
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    Interest RelicMaker's "CROSS of CORONADO" - 24K Gold-Plated Metal!!! NEW RUN!!!

    Hi Brenton, do you have any estimate of when these might be ready so I can see if I can put some cash away for it if I join the run. Cheers John
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    Interest Golden gun

    Any chance of a link to your Shapeways store?
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    Limited Run Floating Marksman-H Jedi Training Remote

    Looks great thank you (y)(y)(y) Looking forward to getting it and amazing my friends and family :D
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    Limited Run Captain Marvel / Nick Fury pager built off a real Motorola!

    Looks really nice!! (y)(y)(y)