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    WKRP mug

    I have been looking for years and have yet to find an exact match. I have found similar blank white mugs/steins on E-bay but none have the same handle shape. Have thought about finding a local potter to see if a few could be made. Want one for display and one for coffee at work.
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    Measurements of ST:III (3) Communicator Grill (Lid)?

    He has not been active for a while but neilo1 once offered very nice drawings with measurements. You may want to PM him and see if he still has the file. -John
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    Photoetching Tutorial

    Still looking forward to see the updates. Thanks for taking the time to put together the tutorial. -John
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    Sandpaper, why you clog?

    I have found that if you use regular Bondo you can use all methods listed above from rasps, files and graters. You can then use heavy grit “wet” sandpaper and work your way down to finer grits. To keep the wet paper from clogging, add a few drops of dish soap (Dawn/Palmolive) to the mix. It...
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    Photoetching Tutorial

    I agree that for the price it is not worth it. I bought the system around 07/08 when it was around $75. It did however work fairly well for what I needed it for at the time. Can’t wait for the video to learn better (and hopefully cheaper) ways to etch. -John
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    Photoetching Tutorial

    Interested here as well. I have dabbled with photo-etch using the system from Micro-Mark and would like to learn new techniques. -John
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    Show off your replica bottle props

    From a few years ago. -John
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    Star Trek III Tricorder - 3D Print Version - Complete!

    The tricorder really looks great. Is a STV version with more LEDs going to follow? -John
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    Star Trek III Tricorder - 3D Print Version - Complete!

    Re: Star Trek III Tricorder - 3D Print Version I have been following both your tricorder builds and have found them to be inspirational. The SFS tric has been on my scratch build list for a while now. I have a few extra Grayhill push buttons that I can send your way if you want. PM me...
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    New Martian war machine model (1953 version)

    I came across both kits a couple of weeks ago that were never finished. I have been hoping to finish both over the next couple of months. Three years is too long to finish a project. Truth is I got kind of burnt out on props and models and took a much needed break. I need to pop in the “Dust to...
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    Show your Dr. Who props!

    All I have so far are the toy sonics that still need to be repainted. Maybe one of these days I’ll get off my rear and finish the shadow box display I started a while back. -John
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    Flight 19 - TBM-1C Avenger

    I have one of these too and thought about doing the same thing. At this scale it’s just begging for some photo-etched and fine detailing. From what I have read online there were some cosmetic differences among the Avengers. A quick Google search should help with most of the detailing. Also check...
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    Hulk Bust your opinion's

    Don’t know who made it but it would also make a great Solomon Grundy. -John
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    Can you Identify this prop?

    Isn’t this the same prop used by Sulu to blow up the jails console in Star Trek III? The initial prop looks more like something from Voyager or Enterprise. -John