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  1. joeranger

    Sheepskin rug/pelt

    I have an old sheepskin pelt that was used as a dog bed. It's pretty beat up. I was going to throw it out but I thought it might be good for a costume. Any ideas?
  2. joeranger

    Weapon Plate Ideas/template.

    Hey guys, I am making a decorative box for my dad's "Staple gun" as a joke for my bother. He passed away and my brother and I need to split up the loot. SOunds callous, but my dad would have thought it was hilarious. Any examples of weapon plates you guys have done? Mnfr: Arrow Cal: T-50 .5in...
  3. joeranger

    Revisiting D&D...

    Thanks everyone. Might be a moot point if I can't get my wife to play. She is pretty sure that sh will never play D&D. She actually can't believe that she married such a nerd:)
  4. joeranger

    Unlimited Run John Wick Coins - Round 7 - Coins ordered

    Just saw this. Can I get 4? I need to login from my PC to pay.
  5. joeranger

    Revisiting D&D...

    As a teenager in the late 70s I played this game for countless hours. one of my college sons who I'm quarantining with now started playing it at school. I'm wondering if I can get the whole family to play. Has anyone recently started playing? Has anyone gotten their wife to play??? We are...
  6. joeranger

    My login helper???

    I thought I was logging into theRPF but it took me to a 3rd party site. I was actually already logged in. I can post a screen shot if needed.
  7. joeranger

    Mystery movie from my youth. Help

    I need to see this. exploring options. Where to Watch
  8. joeranger

    Mystery movie from my youth. Help

    OMG, I would love the mst version!!!
  9. joeranger

    Mystery movie from my youth. Help

    Yep. I'll see if I can find it on one of the many subscription sites I have :-)
  10. joeranger

    Mystery movie from my youth. Help

    Hi Everyone, don't remember if it's black or white or not but it was a while ago. I was very young. There's a movie where they thought they invented time travel or interdimensional travel through a screen and found out they could walk through the screen to that place and then it just went...
  11. joeranger

    James Gray's Ad Astra (Post-release)

    I loved it. My wife hated it. For two hours, I felt like I had left this world and was experiencing something space. He goes to space for space reasons and some random space stuff happens. Go see Downton Abbey if you want engaging dialog. See AD Astra if you want to explore the...
  12. joeranger

    Jackass injuries?

    I saw a thread from 2011 about boycotting jackass because of a death and drunk driving. I've watched these movies with my two boys and we have laughed hysterically. How are they not all dead or have serious injuries multiple concussions? Are there ever any serious injuries on the show or in the...
  13. joeranger

    F4 Phantom kit?

    I did a google search and found model kits from $14 - $150. I haven't built a model since I was 10; 40 years ago. How much should I spend on kits that I can build and give to my nephews? Meaning; enjoy the build and not worry if my monster nephews destroy them. Please suggest websites or brand...
  14. joeranger

    Airsoft Scaled down - Aliens and others...

    I have "accidentally" bought scaled down versions of both the SPAS (shotgun for M4A1) and Han Solo blaster. Is there a scaled down Thomson for a kids pulse rifle? I have all the other parts. Need M1A1 version not 1928 (gangster style).

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