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    Airsoft Scaled down - Aliens and others...

    I have "accidentally" bought scaled down versions of both the SPAS (shotgun for M4A1) and Han Solo blaster. Is there a scaled down Thomson for a kids pulse rifle? I have all the other parts. Need M1A1 version not 1928 (gangster style).
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    Cosplay at Star Wars Disney?

    I think the difference at Disney is that only cast members are dressed up. If you go to a RenFair is is assumed that people dressed up are probably visitors or volunteers. It would be cool if they had "a day" that people could come in costume or an after hours event.
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    Cosplay at Star Wars Disney?

    Just to reiterate. I went to the Star Wars Disney park dressed as Han Solo years ago and I pull off Han Solo pretty well. I would never do it again nor would they allow it. People trust Disney. You can't have some random guy or gal pretending to be a Disney employee. Remember the lunatic...
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    Metal Pulse Rifle build - I know.. another one!

    Keep um coming!!!
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    Star Wars Font / sign maker?

    Had to cut and paste. A little sloppy but he is only 6.
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    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Post-release)

    Has a horse been used to kill people before? Loved both the horse and dogs scenes. I did think the violence was an "11", but it was really well done. Like a ballet.
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    Has 3D printing made "greeblies" more available/affordable?

    I like to kitbash my props from found items but some things need to be bought. I know very little about 3D printing. Is it a cost effective way to make parts vs resin molds? Meaning are people able to make money selling 3D printed items or is it cost and time prohibitive?
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    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Post-release)

    Not much story. All killing. We liked it but it was all violence the whole movie.
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    Game of Thrones

    Help, what it the picture from. Dream?
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    Rick Jones - Help!!!

    No love for Rick Jones:( At least the movie should be pretty good;)
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    Rick Jones - Help!!!

    My costume group is working a Shriner's Hospital fundraiser at a movie theater next Friday for Avengers Endgame. I planned on attending at Dr Strange but waited to long and someone else signed up for him. There are 30 people attending so all the major hero's are taken...and I am running out of...
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    Movie car myths...

    I think these are all obvious but it was a fun post to read:) I thought the last one was interesting, Gas is a perishable item. If you eave gas in your mower, it might not start next season...let alone left for years in an apocalypse:( You Shouldn’t Really Believe All These Movie Myths About...
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    Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 (April 11-April 15)

    Fun. I only made it today. Monday. I think there were more costumes on earlier days.
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    Hunter/Killer - How bad is it?

    I love sub movies but am hyper critical of them. Is this a fun popcorn movie or an offensive attack on the senses?
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    Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 (April 11-April 15)

    Got my tik for Monday. All they had left.