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  1. jmedina

    WIP Iron Man Mark 46 (Civil War suit) Model

    Will this file work for someone who is 6 feet tall as is? Or will it need to be scaled?
  2. jmedina

    Batman Cowl

    Hey Jerryb7, Been meaning to get to you. Sorry if I'm a little late on the response. Happy to help. My process for the cowl. First I made a casting of my head using some plaster wraps I purchased at Jerry's Artarama. Its kind of a crude but cheap process. I tried to do this on my own at first...
  3. jmedina

    Arkham Origins Batman's Armor - Unfolded Pepakura?

    I would have to agree with Reznor9. I started to do this build from pep files I found through the pepakura armory. It gave me a good start, but I ended up free handing the whole suit. You can find some good ideas at The Foam Cave for the belt, guantlets, and shin guards. For everything else...
  4. Captain America First Avenger

    Captain America First Avenger

    First Costume attempt. I made some of the parts and purchased others.
  5. Cowl


  6. Full suit combat pose

    Full suit combat pose

  7. Batman Arkham Origins

    Batman Arkham Origins

    First full costume build I have done.
  8. jmedina

    Urethane Casting Question

    Yes I used Vytaflex 40. Purchased it from Reynolds Advanced Materials. You can also buy it directly from Smooth-On. I created the mold using UltraCal 30 because I screwed up trying to make the mold out of Rebound 25 Silicone. From what I have researched the best way to go about it is to make the...
  9. jmedina

    Batman cowl casting question

    Well thats a good question. lol. This is my second cast. The first one I did came out completely matte. I do not know if I am answering your question correctly but I will give you my best attempt. The mold is made of UltraCal. I intentionally put in a texture when I sculpted the mask. So there...
  10. jmedina

    Post your batman suits

    Here is mine
  11. Full Suit

    Full Suit

  12. jmedina

    Batman cowl casting question

    So I casted a new cowl and I noticed that some areas are glossy while others dull. The cowl is fully cured. Is this normal?
  13. jmedina

    Batman Cowl

    Thanks guys!
  14. jmedina

    Batman Cowl

    - - - Updated - - - Just got a few minor details to finish up, but the suit fits pretty good
  15. jmedina

    Batman Cowl

    Thanks guys. I'm almost done fitting the armor. Still have to clean up the mask around the trimmed edges. I have plenty of material. So I think I will make a few more masks. Vytaflex is a polyurethane rubber. I used a 40 shore strength so that the bat ears would not be floppy. Smooth-on makes...

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