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  1. JKKS

    Infinity War, Show your marvel props collections

    The Civil War helmet is from Killerbody. The Challenge Day mask is a production made piece.
  2. JKKS

    Taurus Studio Iron Man MK 50 Damaged Helmet PRICE DROP

    It’s resin & PU. Like all the stuff Taurus churns out it‘s top notch.
  3. JKKS

    MARVEL Avengers: Endgame - The Pym Particles 1970's version

    This is amazing man. And your videos are mesmerizing. I could seriously watch you do this for hours. Your process, the creative solutions you find along the way and the final products of course are just immensely satisfying to watch.
  4. JKKS

    Marvel Legends Stormbreaker

    IIRC the actual prop is 47 1/4” tall. Looks like a cool replica though, and a great base for mods for those of us who don’t care about the light up features.
  5. JKKS

    Taboo Indiana Jones OR other film props.

    That’s a very interesting subject. I have a few items in my collection bearing swastikas and my Grail diary does feature Hitler’s signature and it makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes to trivialize that symbol and the weight and suffering it still carries with it. That being said, that’s pretty...
  6. JKKS

    Killerbody Black Panther Helmet

    Amazing repaint. Really brings it to another level. Remember paying close to Black Series prices for mine (well at least the price we pay for them in Europe), so all in all a great helmet for the price, with tons of details and reasonably cosplay friendly too. As for the EFX helmet, I’m...
  7. JKKS

    GUITAR from COCO! Full build video, blueprint and decals.

    Such a great project, satisfying video, and amazing end product.
  8. JKKS

    Pirates of the Caribbean Talking Skull - UPDATED V2

    That’s Downrightamazing. You should start a run with multiple variants. I feel there would be a lot of demand.
  9. JKKS

    Chronicle / Efx Mandalorian prop replicas

    I love the geometry of the helmet and in that respect I think it’s a slightly more accurate bucket than the Anovos version. The metallic/base paintjob is pretty good too, and captures the ambient lighting quite nicely. I’m less concerned by the darker tone of the paint than by what appears to be...
  10. JKKS

    Chronicle / Efx Mandalorian prop replicas

    Will wait for more pictures but so far I feel it’s in the same league as the Anovos. It’s a decent but overpriced representation of the Mando bucket with some glaring flaws and a huge margin of improvement in the paint job department. I hope I’m proven wrong as more pics come in but I’m not...
  11. JKKS

    Your Marvel Collection/Display

    Looking great.(y)
  12. JKKS

    Titanic clapper - Clapperboard replicas

    That‘s even more awesome then. If you ever consider offering these, or even making a Last Crusade clapperboard, I would be very interested.
  13. JKKS

    Your Marvel Collection/Display

    Thanks. Before that, it had been well over a year since my collection wasn’t properly displayed. I moved last year and then had to clear my home office/prop room a few months after that when I took my little brother in, so I had everything stacked in the living room in a very awkward way, not...
  14. JKKS

    Titanic clapper - Clapperboard replicas

    That Raider of the Lost Ark is awesome !!! Did you make it yourself ?
  15. JKKS

    Your Marvel Collection/Display

    Here’s the new setup I worked on during the lockdown:

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