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    Blade Runner 2049 Deckard Blaster Bluray Collectors Edition.

    After hours of blood and sweat I was able to remove the blaster from it's base without destroying it. The base is made of wood material or such. the front part of the barrel and the bottom of the grip are keyed into the base, as vadermania stated, and glued in place. As I thought it's just...
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    Iron Man Helmet Project

    I really like what you are doing. It's - Handmade, the oldfashioned way - No compy or printer involved! I tip my hat!
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    007 Wetbike (The Spy Who Loved Me) WIP

    Robbie that is awesome! What next? the Esprit maybe!?! (wink, wink)
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    Question about selling repro props and such

    Interesting question. I think if your volume is quite low and the stuff is not for the mainstream, because it is too special or too difficult for mass production - The companies would not bother.
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    "Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there..." - FINISHED!!!

    Re: "Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there..." A-mazing! You will further define the endoskeleton skull surface, I guess..
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    Life Size Wrath of Khan Spock

    Wow, what a nice progress! Have you considered to give Nimoy a more yellowish complexion? I am really interested to see more...
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    Drive Angry Props

    Hi Onkelpsycho, just got the 3D BR last week and this movie is really hilarious. The FBI ID should be pretty easy, there are a lot of readymade FBI badges around (e.g. on ebay) just put William Fichtner's photo in and sign with 'The accountant' (not bookmaker...) ;)
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    Got some scopes today...

    You could donate one to me :D
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    Chateau Picard Label

    I just went to our local supermarket and browsed the the wine shelf for a nice looking bottle of Bordeaux. You may want to look out for a decent looking plastic foil on the bottle neck...
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    Life Size Wrath of Khan Spock

    Wow, what a nice Nimoy bust! But somehow the wig is not right in my eyes! The form of the skull looks odd to me. Compairing the last 2 pictures you can also see that the line of the front hair is also different to the 'real' Spock.
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    Studio Scale TOS Enterprise(11.25 feet)

    But the most important question is: Will it fly...? :D This is really a cool project, mate!
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    some movie location pics from LA , bttf , e.t karate kid

    Wow, this brings back vivid memories of BTTF - Really amazing some sceneries still look like in the movie. BTW, nice car of yours! :) Anyone remember this location?
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    Chateau Picard Label

    I made these for a friend as a birthday present (thanks to Dietrich for the file)
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    My foam Iron Man costume build.

    Re: Another ironman foam build yup sorry another one. PAINTING FOAM HELMET!.. Man, this is soo sweet! Keep up the good job!
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    Art Asylum / Diamond Select TOS Phaser build with metal parts.

    while a blue laser from a PS3 or BR player is strong in terms of melting stuff, the green laser light is much better visible to the human eye. I could 'shoot' a laser beam to the sky in dim light conditions, where the green lightray (not just the dot) is clearly visible from all angles.