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    Skywalker Compass from TLJ

    Following this thread with interest. Nice work.
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    Is Marco Enterprises still around?

    Yes, not accurate. But the sabres he put out, for the time, were way better than most. As far as his interpretations, he was often more right than wrong as time has shown. May not have been the correct real-world part, but his versions were still better than average. Those early Marco Ent. props...
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    PLNK Droid Build

    I love what a fantastic effect you're getting with such humble materials. Can't wait to see this thing wired up. Projects like this are what keep me coming back to the RPF.
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    You sank my Battlestar

    Genius and fun.
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    eFX "in development" lightsabers--what's coming?

    Looking for any updated information about upcoming licensed lightsabres? - Orgus with electronics? Yes or no? - Starkiller? Cancelled? - others rumored to be in the pipeline? - rumors about new Disney Star Wars sabres? Are there other websites I can follow with information about upcoming...
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    Interest Asajj Ventress Saber by Solo's Hold

    I'm on board. Will check thread for updates.
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    BSG cubit gift set review

    You get two coins per set--one silver, one gold. I ordered two sets.
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    BSG cubit gift set review

    Just a quick pseudo review of the nice set of gold and silver cubits from Anovos. I ordered two sets & the packaging is really sharp looking. The box the cubits arrived in is cool--sealed with an over-wrap label you have to slice open--adds to the "unboxing" thrill. The leatherette display...
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    eFX "in development" lightsabers--what's coming?

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but thought I'd see if there is any NEW news about lightsaber builds in development, etc?
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    eFX "in development" lightsabers--what's coming?

    Read on (I think) Rebelscum that an Orgus is in development--slightly different from Bioware employee gift: this one would have a plain base, unlike the current Bioware version, and would have some kind of 'light up' or electronic feature. I hope this is true. That Orgus is really unique and pretty.
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    eFX "in development" lightsabers--what's coming?

    Awesome. Thanks. So confirmed 'in development' are: 1. Starkiller lightsaber 2. Master Orgus with light up/electronic (??) feature 3. Darth Vader reveal 4. Obi-Wan Kenobi reveal 5. Darth Maul legend edition Mid/late 2013 seems reasonable for a couple of these. * personally...
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    eFX "in development" lightsabers--what's coming?

    So aside from the sites MJF posted, just keep an ear to the ground? Who usually has info about imminent prop launches from eFX? Is there a 'best' site to check? I have a knack for finding out about things after-the-fact.
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    eFX "in development" lightsabers--what's coming?

    Anyone here have verified info on upcoming lightsaber projects from eFX? Where do you guys get your info about current eFX projects? I'd like to be in the loop--signed up for the newsletter a while ago, but never get updates: the website appears defunct. I'm keen about the Orgus...
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    Satele Shan Lightsaber

    Outstanding, beautiful work.