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  1. jedichase

    Parzival costume thread. Ready Player One

    Currently searching through motorcycle jeans. Lots of options that evoke the look of his pants but none that are close enough or spot on. Nothing with the adjustment straps on the upper outer thigh. I'm quickly becoming convinced that these were custom modeled for the movie and not a found...
  2. jedichase

    Parzival costume thread. Ready Player One

    Saw it again last night. Can confirm the BSG Colonial blaster is what Parzival uses to shoot Art3mis in the final battle. Never saw a DL-44 or anything holstered in the Han Solo rig throughout the entire movie. Also never saw a Auto 9 from Robocop in the movie though there are a few scenes...
  3. jedichase

    ART3MIS Ready Player One Reference photos

    Here's what I found from going through various trailers and teasers. Sadly couldn't find much of the back or bottom half of the motorcycle suit. Got some decent shots of front, and gloves. Hope this helps.
  4. jedichase

    Parzival costume thread. Ready Player One

    Re: Ready Player One Costumes and Props thread. Searching through trailers and teasers I've noticed a couple new things. The Thundercats logo goes on both the front and back buckle of the Han Solo holster. These are not great quality but you can see the logo. Also these show the vest in...
  5. jedichase

    Ready Player One

    Just saw it. Overall enjoyed it, but it fell short of it's potential. This had the potential to be a great trilogy. Putting this entire story into one movie made it feel crammed. A lot of exposition to establish everything, not a lot of time to get to know the characters. With that said it's not...
  6. jedichase

    Parzival costume thread. Ready Player One

    Didn't see a thread on this and figured I would start one. This thread is for Parzival's costume, Not Wade Watt's costume. There's a couple good thread with info on Wade's costume already. I noticed throughout the movie that Parzival was wearing a holster very similar to Han Solo's but with a...
  7. jedichase

    Interest Inigo Montoya Sword

    HOLY MOLY!!!! I haven't been on the RPF in a while and can't believe this is finally happening! This looks absolutely amazing! So stoked for this run!
  8. jedichase

    Limited Run Aladdin's Flying Carpet: Second Run Open!

    Re: Aladdin's Flying Carpet Interested as well, depending on price
  9. jedichase

    Star Wars Celebration EUROPE 2016 - London/ UK

    Heading to London this afternoon, though I'll get there tomorrow afternoon. Bringing my Wolfpack clone trooper for the 501st group photo on Saturday. If anyone sees a skinny kid with a Yoda ears hat, its probably me.
  10. jedichase

    JW Raptor - Same as the JP sculpt?

    I'm not sure if the digital model they used in JW somehow came from scans of the originals. I do know that Stan Winston studios did not make any dinosaurs for JW. My personal opinion is that it's a custom sculpt, but I've been wrong on multiple occasions.
  11. jedichase

    Jurassic World (Post-release)

    I'd give it 5 out of 10. here's my ups and downs. ![Slight Spoiler Alert]! Upside: 1. Chris Pratt was great, his character wasn't just a rehash of starlord. 2. The ending was the best, and super strong. The Last 30 minutes was seriously great, and made the movie stand out for me. 3. As a JP...
  12. jedichase

    Interest The Martian - ARES III Mission Patch and Stickers + NASA Bonus!

    Re: The Martian - ARES III Mission Patch and Stickers Put me down for 2 sets of patches and stickers
  13. jedichase

    Limited Run === G R A F L E X === Flashgun Gen.2 ... now taking PRE-ORDERS!!! New Pics Oct. 5

    Re: === G R A F L E X === flashgun ... anyone? Also interested in a few depending on price.
  14. jedichase

    First Order Snowtrooper....who wants to get started on this?

    I got to check out the costume at Celebration and instantly fell in love with it. A friend of mine got a ton of reference pics of it. I'll try to get him to post them here. I like the fact that the helmet is the same as the flamethrower helmet just modified with a face piece and dome covering...
  15. jedichase

    ANOVOS picks up the high-end Star Wars Costuming License!

    I'll be at Celebration in a few days. Hopefully, Anovos has this on display at their booth. If they do I'll take pictures, and figure out how the rigging system works. Based on the pictures on the website, it looks like it could easily be 501st approved. I've seen worst armor kits get approved...

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