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    Captain America WWII goggles

    I'm interested in making Captain America's helmet from his first mission rescuing the 107th and I'm having difficulty finding the goggles. I have a reproduction M1 helmet and an airborne chinstrap already, but I cannot find the goggles for a good price. The goggles used are AN-6530 aviator...
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    Black Series Darth Vader Helmet Mod Thread!

    Is anyone planning on modding the inside? I think that's where the real fun will be.
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    Project Meatbag: HK-47 droid (full size)

    This thread hasn't already died has it? I love the work done so far!
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    OdiWan72´s prop family

    I am pretty sure there are more than one. The second one I tried worked
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    OdiWan72´s prop family

    If it isn't common knowledge yet, there is an extension on Google Chrome that will go around the Photobucket hostage situation and display the old photos. Thanks to that extension, I was able to read the whole thread today. Nice Work!