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    Any idea what Jack is holding in the Shining photo from the end of the movie?

    Perhaps it's a lottery ticket (such parties often had 'door prizes' and whatnot), or a claim check for some article? Jay
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    Can you please help identify?

    Is a cool prop. I'd buy a kit if the price was reasonable. Jay
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    Equilibrium prozium gun question

    Fantastic pics! So the injection device samples the blood of the user.. Why? Stop someone from fixing up the family dog? Oh wait, they don't have pets. Jay
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    BCD at Kultima (Paris, France)

    Ha! Excellent, guys! ..wonder how the movie would have ended if Ripley had tried slipping the Xeno a little tongue.. :P Jay
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    ERASER - Arnie´s Rail gun ?

    Re: Rail gun The pistol grip and forward grip are very similar to the 'V' guns.
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    Farnsworth Discussion

    Re: Warehouse 13 Gun? & Other props The more I look at the screen shot of the Farnsworth the more the top of the case looks _plastic_. Jay
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    Which dream prop would you want?

    Hehe! I figure if we're going for DREAM props, make it a case! :D Jay
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    Steadi-cam mounted MG42 from Aliens?

    I traded a Smart Gun kit to Wakal for a built PR a couple three years ago. They've been around for a long time. Jay
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    Enterprise Era Hypospray Part?

    While there is a vauge resemblance, they're different enough that, at best, they were an inspiration. Notice that the 'elbow' joins the cylinder with a threaded nut. A very interesting prop, I'm quite fond of hyposprays and other medical items. I'd be interested if/when someone reverse...
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    1930's to '40's era Model 1192 ray gun.Videos are up as of 6-26.

    Yeow! That is a work of ART! If ever kits or completes become avaiable, you'll have no trouble finding buyers! Jay
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    Name those Props Contest..Now w/ Answers!!

    Re: Name those Props Contest! I'm positive about 20, hazy on another 6.. Amazing the things you notice the third or fifth time you count! The PR eluded me for some time. :P Jay
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    Which dream prop would you want?

    Case of Syringes from Dark City. Gristle Gun, Existenz (sp) Rico's 'gun', Judge Dredd. Jay
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    neat Padd type photo viewer

    If anyone catches a cache of these cheap, I'd also like one! -j
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    DARK CITY props?

    Been waiting on that Syringe for going on six years now. LeMarchand seemed to have some ideas back in the day, how about it Marc? Jay
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    OBSG Cylon Pistol

    I picked up a wooden CY-pistol from someone on the board a few years ago. It doesn't have the acrylic emitter or the checks ont he handgrip, but otherwise it's identical. It's quite large, a bit uncomfortable in a human hand. Does anyone know who made this? Also, I'd like to see...