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    Obi ANH Saber Collectors--IMPORTANT

    It says "inert" in the artical so I'm guessing that de-active ones cound too :unsure
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    Real C-96 broomhandle?

    I've seen two broomhandles down here in FL, they were about $495 each and looked like they were in fair condition. I'm not positive if their the exact model but they look darn close.
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    BTTF - Doc's power coupling

    Well it deffinatly looks like a found object, almost looks like you can make out an egal on the big black part, the "female" end. I'd say look around industrial electric suppliers, maybe even email a few with a picture of the part and see if they can help. Interesting prop though.
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    Found this at a rummage sale today...

    Hah, for .99cents I don't think it matters if it's the right model. Great find.
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    Sliders Original Timer Research Project

    Almost looks like the box is somthing, like the dial wasn't added but part of it to begin with, judging by the side shots.
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    Sliders Original Timer Research Project

    As I recall the number led's and the bar leds were sold at radio shack along time back, unfortunatly from what I've been hearing and seeing radio shack it going from electronic parts store to more of a cell phone, TV outfit. I'm sure all the Leds can be found online along with the phone. I've...
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    making spider webs that look like real spiderwebs?

    melted sugar? That might be too hard to work with though.