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    Trek Pics from the Indianapolis Children's Museum

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Roman Props MK1 Weathered Project

    Jukesie, I seem to be in the exact same boat you're in at this point. I acquired the same Mk1 FX weathered hilt from Roman this holiday season (Impeccable quality, as everyone has asserted, I couldn't be happier) Since this is my first saber build, I'm taking it slow and have started by...
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    Luke ANH Belt pouch

    The current link is Cartridge pouch 19 Euros
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    The Miskatonic Papers - new Lovecraft mythos book title

    Count me in!! BTW, I want one too!!!
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    The Ninja - Star Wars Vintage Parts Hunting & Props UPDATE Latest Hunting Box

    What a great score! Any chance we can get some shots of the restored Ammo pouches from the back and bottom? Also with the flaps open to get an idea of what's going on with the buttons?
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    Post Apocalyptic AK-47 - Airsoft rifle re-paint tutorial (Pic Heavy!)

    Amazing results and a great tutorial, thank you.
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    How can I make ivory effect grips for a prop revolver?

    A cheap and easy vacuum chamber can be made with a 2 or 5 gallon bucket and a plexi lid with a hole for a shop-vac nozzle. The ones I have seen had a ring routed partially through the plexi (it might have been lexan, about 1/2" thick with a 1/8" deep ring routed into it) with silicone RTV poured...
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    Westworld Man in Black LeMat

    I just ordered my knife from Crazy Crow Trading post (link above in thread) I'm excited! For Halloween I had to put a Jayne Cobb boye in a black sheath on this rig, lol.
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    Westworld Man in Black LeMat

    I finally took some beauty shots of a MIB holster and cartridge belt I made in the lead up to Halloween this year, so I thought I'd post them here. There are a few details that are off: First, the buckle. It actually wasn't until I saw the high rez shot in this thread that I realized it is...
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    Me too!
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    Han Solo Holster - Screen Accurate Pattern

    Well, Crazylegs, I've gone back and watched some of your livestreams and I'm starting to see the point for the argument that the ANH pouches are glued on (specifically the lighter color leather that is visible where the two pieces might be pulling apart). If they were never filled with...
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    Han Solo Holster - Screen Accurate Pattern

    OK, here we go, here is an example of large 'pouches' (with the 20ga. shells) next to a separate run of loops (.45s), you can see the sides of the two pieces, and a small gap between the pieces. IMG_4505 by jddurst posted Nov 21, 2018 at 1:07 AM Next we zoom in on the bottom of the shell...
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    Han Solo Holster - Screen Accurate Pattern

    OK, looks like it is time for me to weigh in. I have recently gone on a western holster and cartridge belt binge due to Westworld, and I can see several techniques employed on the Solo belt. First off, I gotta say that film props are not ever simply glued or patched together in a shoddy manor...
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    A Tale Of Two Midgrade Phaser IIs

    Awesome build, Thanks!