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    Styrene R2-D2

    Great job! Do you happen to have an estimate of how much styrene was required to build your R2?
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    Introducing the 1:1 V4b ESB YODA resculpt

    Amazing work, as always. Can't wait to see him finished.
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    EFX Vader Legend - How many here got one?

    deleted. vader71 beat me by 1 second :)
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    Re: 1:1 "Freeborn" YODA (THE ULTIMATE GOAL) New Pics Pge [13] Simply outstanding!!! :thumbsup
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    ANH "Mystery" Darth Vader Helmet Update...

    <div class='quotetop'>(propsculptor @ Jul 11 2006, 12:27 AM) 1278416</div> [/b] I realize you don't want to use a stripper propsculptor, but for anyone else that is wondering, I can second what yakcam recommended. Oven cleaner (I use Heavy Duty EasyOff Oven Cleaner with lye), works wonders...
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    Vader Costumers!

    I know most everyone is talking about the ANH lenses, but there's something i've always wondered about the ESB/ROTJ ones. Why do they sometimes appear to be green in color? I've noticed this in pics of ESB and ROTJ helmets, as well as, the ROTJ reveal helmet.
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    MR Vader FX Saber at Costco (CHEAP)

    If you can't find them at Costco, i'm pretty sure Best Buy has the Anakin and Vader for $80 too.
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    Don Post Deluxe Vader #73

    As KevVader suggested, soda blasting would work well. Also, there are strippers made especially for safely removing paint from fiberglass (not regular paint stripper). Klean Strip makes one that works quite well. I used it to remove paint from a fiberglass automotive part. I'm sure there are...
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    Vader Tusks?

    Did anyone find a pic that showed the pointed tusks in ROTJ?
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    can you use silicone caulk as a mold?

    Glad the tutorial was helpful :)
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    can you use silicone caulk as a mold?

    Just to preface what I am about to post...I don't know who posted this silicone mold recipe originally, nor do I remember where I got it from on the internet (I saved it to my computer a few years ago). If anyone knows, please let me know and I will be more than happy to give them credit. The...
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    Vader Tusks?

    In your opinion, who makes the most accurate for each of the movies? Thanks.
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    what type of welder to get??

    For all of your welding questions, go here It's a non-brand specific board with alot of knowledgable people there. My recommendation would be to pick up a brand name welder (Lincoln, Hobart, Miller, etc.), don't get one of the relatively cheap welders from a store like Harbor Freight. As...
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    Got my first High-End Prop Deal !

    Looks like Maria Sharapova :D