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  • awesome night tonite.boys stopped by.played some rockband and had a great time.Megan Pollard,Nick Jackson Kyle and John Quick.had a blast and then dinner.gonna try to go puttputt tomorrow.good to spend time with my boy before he gets deployed
    I aint got alot of time...people say alot of things about me...some of its true ..and some of it aint..but I never did hurt anyone that didnt have it comming to them..I feel like I was born in this world with heven in my soul...and now I am leaving this place with HELL in my heart..so when they bury me make sure they bury me with my guns on..Iam gonna need em..cuz when I get to the other side..theres some things that need straightening out!!!!!!
    Damn I am sore. started work on the man cave today.dividing wall is up.next electical wires need to be ran.then the drywall,then the ceiling needs to be insulated.Iam to old for this ****!!!!!!!!!!!
    man i need to get some skills.call of duty 3,**** these young kids are killing me.Dump a whole clip into these guys and they come out on top.oh well practice makes perfect right?
    new dreads for new pred mask.This is gonna be bad ass.Now to get more latex to start pouring more pred mask,resin for teeth and bone gauntlet.hell yea.
    Gotta thank my wife and kids for some really great x-mas gifts and a great time.Had a good time at my moms house on x-mas eve and x-mas at my house with my children John Quick ,Nick Jackson,Shevelle,and Megan Pollard.and my wife Lesley Quick!thanks guys
    peace out facebook friends.i am deleting my account at the end of the day today.tired of my computer getting attack everytime i am on this ****.soooo peace out to all!
    ARRRGGGGGGGG.252dollars to fix the ride.why does **** always happen a xmas time?Just once in my life i would like some good luck and not the bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait to spend time with the family at xmas.11 days off of work.needed rest!
    Attaching teeth to pred mask.glue all pover hands again.deamn it.sticks better to my hands than the mask WTF!
    almost done with DEMON JASON costume .have to tweek it a little more.should be ready for Days of the dead in march:)
    Happy turkey to everyone.be safe.a special happy turkey day to my marine Johnathan.We all love you son.hope to see you soon.
    did some touch up work on my prd staff.added a few things to make it look better.Now just have to get the glue off of my hands
    I was raised in Michigan, where you can use your hand as a map. Where Tim Allen, Madonna, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Eminem, Motown, Uncle Kracker, Robin Williams, Stevie Wonder, and Kid Rock are from. We know that UP is a place, not a direction. We go "up north" or to our cabins on weekends. We know that Kalamazoo not only exists, but you drive through it to get to Climax, and Hell is close by. We play Euchre, swim in lakes, hunt, fish and camp. There are three seasons; winter, deer, and const...
    To every one who is on my friends list, I enjoy hearing about you and your family, the good news and support during the dark times. I love the pix and links. I am not only glad to count you as my friend but also as family. Whether you know it or not, I come to visit you regularly(on FB).

    Thank you so much for being part of my life, whether or not we talk on a regular basis you are still in my thoughts. I do wish I could see you all in person much more often though!

    Let's see who actually pa...
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