JAS. Hook Capt

Army Veteran • Prop Maker • Letterpress • Illustrator • Metal Casting • Fountain Pen Fanatic • Wax Seal Devotee • Spencerian Penman • Curator of Antiques & Ephemera • Historian • Psychologist • Tinkerer • Restorations • Tobacco/Pipe Afficionado • Movie Buff • Devoted Nerd • Graphic Designer • Blackwater & Sons President

Fellow Propmasters,

I'm honored to be a member of an online community that is devoted to fulfilling and inspiring some of our shared interests and passions. When I was a child, I could be readily found at the kitchen table or coffee table – nerdily sketching the buildings, ships, costumes, and more from my favorite movies (or attempting to recreate Hero props from them). As an adult, I'm proud to say that the only thing that has changed are my creative abilities and perfectionist tendencies. Like many of you, I also share a keen eye for attention to details and a deep love for storytelling/re-telling, and it is these things that keep us drawn to the flame.

The movies, books, and stories that we love continually transport us from one world to the next. My friends, we are the ones with the abilities, talents, love and motivation to keep these worlds alive – often even long after their own time has passed. Our friends and families see and know these cultivated skills and passions of ours, the people who visit our homes recognize and admire the things we've (re)created and put on display, and strangers are left in awe if-ever and whenever we choose to cosplay. I can truly say that I'm proud to be here with all of you.

I also own and operate a small Etsy-based business, where I sell some of the antiques I've collected and offer custom and historically-inspired design work, stationery, and rubber stamps. Aside from the online ordering process, I've ensured that my customers receive a magical experience (letter-mail/billhead/manually typewritten letters/wax seals/old-world packaging/etc.) that mimicks transactions of a time long past. My customers often remark in amazement and full of nostalgic exaltation, and it is this feeling that I continually seek to inspire in myself and others. After all, this is why we do what we do – and we do it best.

Captain Hook portrait avatar photo expertly digitally-recreated and kindly shared by RPF member Mooniteman

Some of my favorite movies:
- Titanic (1997)
- Hook (1991)
- Grand Budapest Hotel, The (2014)
- Harry Potter (2001-2011)
- Sleepy Hollow (1999)
- Shawshank Redemption (1994)
- Green Mile, The (1999)
- Inglourious Basterds (2009)
- Godfather, The (1972)
- The Others (2001)
- Fight Club (1999)
- Pirates of the Caribbean [Trilogy] (2003-2007)
- Hocus Pocus (1993)
- Taxi Driver (1976)
- Shining, The (1980)
- So many more!
Columbus, OH



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