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    Looking For Medabots Life Size Tinpet

    Unlike when Medabots first came out, the technology is now commonly available to build a semblance of one. With 3d printers and such, budget and knowledge is now the only restrictions (oh and weapons).
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    Available Malcolm Reynolds Pistols

    I know the taurus is the gun used in the actual weapon but it is easer to mod a colt to fit!
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    Available Malcolm Reynolds Pistols

    You could always use a 3d printer and a colt 1851 prop to make one.
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    Ghost in the Shell - Firearms

    Just a point of reference but the weapons from the film are incorrect because the ones from the Manga and anime are no longer produced by anyone. The majors Thermoptic pistol is actually a Seburo M5 pistol and is the only know weapon to have a 3d downloadable model available.
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    [Info Request] Minbari Gray Council Robes.

    Can any one take the time to point me in the direction of Minbari Gray Council Robes? I love my robes and would like to make a set.
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    DST Tricorder build with metal parts

    Why use the oridginal electronics when you can use a raspberry pi and screen.
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    ANIME Blaster Pistol - Captain Harlock gun COSPLAY

    Space Battle Ship Yamato 1999! Nammed after the last battleship Yamato which it was hidden in during construction. I didn't recognize him in it!
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    ANIME Blaster Pistol - Captain Harlock gun COSPLAY

    Where are the detailed WIP shots and explanation on this wonderful piece of work. It could be that not many know who Captain Harlock is.
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    Highlander Replica ID

    Thats not UC. Its missing the badge and the UCnumber that should be just above the collar. UC stopped making years ago. I was have expected that if this was a UC then it would have this crest on it.
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    Setting up shop - minimalist to advanced

    If you are going to get a 3d printer then go for an all in one 3dprinter, laser, cnc cutter.
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    Need some Dremel recommendations

    How old is it, are you sure you haven't just worn out the brushes can normally can be replaced.
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    'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' (2017) Ghost in the Shell (COMPLETE! pg 4) **PIC HEAVY**

    Re: 'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' (2017) Ghost in the Shell (W.I.P.) **PIC HEAVY** Spotted these on DA, Nice work.
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    1:1 Persona 3 Aluminum Evoker Replica

    Looks good but no matter how many times I watch it, I still dont get why they have to shoot themselves in the head each time!
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    Review: Sankara Stons (Indiana Joners) by MIMIC and Restaurajones

    Thread Hijack Alert! Did Adam ever recover his stones?
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    cheapo laser cutter advice

    As everyone has said, these cheep "Diode" lasers stink and produce alot of nasty fumes (leather really stinks and the smell sticks to everything) wait and save longer for one of the 40W box CO2 lasers. They may cut craft foam but you must know that above 2W these things are "Overclocked"...