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    Grail diary questions and support thread

    If anyone needs scans from ”Quest for the Eternal”, I have a copy and some scans. I can do higher res these days.
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    QMX (Serenity/Phaser), Indy satchel, misc. (DONE)

    Still unpacking boxes. Random stuff from over the years free (+ cost of shipping) to a good home: QMX Serenity QMX v1 Kelvinverse Phaser (non-spinning emitter) - Also have the playmates light up ship I can toss in if you want it. The Lego Movie minifigs (main cast, including the pirate +...
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    Shaun of the Dead bat (claimed)

    More box cleaning on the honor system. I have signed Simon Pegg cricket bat an ex got me years back. It’s definitely not in “collectible” shape any more - it wasn’t great to begin with, and it’s spent some years in a box with other stuff. I don’t collect autographs at all, so it never replaced...
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    Tom Servo (CLAIMED)

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    Tom Servo (CLAIMED)

    It’s another round of house cleaning. Up now: Sledge Tom Servo kit I assembled. Cover shipping ($20 continental US - I’ve had a lot of problems with EMS of late) and I’ll send it off. I’ll box it up as best I can, but these things have some very thin vacuformed parts, so I make no promises...
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    Bolsey B2 Original Endcap

    Looking for a Bolsey B2 endcap, if anyone has one left over from a Yoda conversion.
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    What's on your workbench?

    Haven’t built a saber in years. Just finished up a Russ V2, and I’m in process of modifying a Korbanth crossguard v2. Last time I built up a saber was pre-shapeways/3D printing proliferation. It’s incredible how much easier it makes everything.
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    Done Phoenix Props Ren v2

    Interested in the kit, if anyone has one unassembled. Thanks.
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    Interest Luke ROTJ Hero Lightsaber Kit (first article pics added post #189)

    Re: Luke ROTJ Hero Lightsaber Kit (pics added post #41) Interested.
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    Show your Dr. Who props!

    I spent the last week making a touch lamp for a friend. The anchor lamp was old and rather beat up; found a Gardman bird feeder that had the proper top but it never shipped and I had to use one of the modern incorrect ones. Wanted the top to be metal since the lamp would generate heat and it's...
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    New Tomenosuke Blaster Pro "Retail" version

    Same here. Been on the waiting list for a good long while. I emailed Mune yesterday and he replied that some were available. I'm a little irked.
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    Could Disney finally give us the remastered, unedited Star Wars we want?

    Yes, but that said, you have people at the top of LucasFilm who are passionate about Star Wars. To those people, it's not just a dollars and cents thing. Look at how Disney handles the Marvel or Pixar film properties - for all the crap they pumped for that bleak period between Lion King and...

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