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<br />Izabel as She-Predator Machiko
<br /><br /><br />I'm Izabel. And I normally describe myself as just an average obssessive-compulsive, narcissistic, attention-deficit hyperactive disordered geek, weirdo, cat-lover, cosplayer and artist that gets a kick on making other people's lives chaotic.lol. Yup, I'm just average. seriously. haha!<br /><br />I love meeting people and hearing their stories and i love sharing my stories to others too. :)<br /><br />I am currently into cosplay which I just started last 2009. So far, I am enjoying it much along with my partner DonRobert. We're into Predators, Ironman and other comic, western or japanese characters we come across that pricks our interest. Do check out our FB fan page here.<br /><br />I love anime, music, books, graphics, photography and almost everything that I think i can do. I love learning. I love cats! I'm a cat-lover and I love everything about them. I love pets in general, because it runs in the family but if there's one pet I really like, its cats. Somehow, I kinda associate some characteristics of myself in them - they are highly independent, sweet, fun-loving, curious and highly dangerous when provoked. hahaha!<br /><br />I see myself as a fun-loving person although I also am very sarcastic sometimes. I believe that one must enjoy life as it is despite all the trials that comes along its way. I tend to look at the brighter side of things more often than not because I believe that I do not need to stress myself if it is unnecessary. besides, I know that God knows what is better for me therefore I place my faith and life in His hands.<br /><br />Everybody is welcome to be my friend here and I am excited to what this site has in store for me.<br /><br />You may also want to check out my other sites altho only a few are updated. *Mental Note - I has to update sites. T_T<br /><br />Deviantart<br />Flickr<br />YouTube<br /><br /><br />
<br />Izabel as Machiko, DonRobert as Chopper Predator

anime,cosplay,cats, music, photography,graphics, etc.