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    Want to Buy WTB: Grips for Luke ANH Lightsaber

    Perfect - thanks, Usagi!
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    Want to Buy WTB: Grips for Luke ANH Lightsaber

    I have a nearly completed Graflex, but the grips that I have are old and warped. I would like to buy an accurate set of grips as a kit for the ANH saber.
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    My Rocketeer Collection Update 12/17 new layout and info

    Re: My Rocketeer Collection aka my finhead obsession Update 5/20 Just had to chime in here as a fellow Finhead nut! Your collection is AMAZING. It's a museum! I'd love to have a few of those pieces immediately, that's for sure - that bronze 3/4 bust is my favorite to date. Great stuff...
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    Looking for a good Golden Snitch

    The one in the case with the plaque was sold by Phil S., I believe. I had one for a while, but had to sell it. Went for over $600 (on Ebay) several years ago. Todd
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    member- JP05 I am waiting for shipping info

    You have a right to wonder where your stuff is, and you have a right to ask the forum. You even have a right to be sanctimonious about it. But expect to be called out for being that way, especially after JM corrected it all. There's no need to overreact, especially since he is in good...
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    What Does BowJunkie Owe You?

    I got the same email. I was repaid, so I responded as such. Good luck everyone!!! Todd
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    My lightsaber collection to date... (7 Years of the RPF)

    I'm old, too! :) Nice to see my droid caller mentioned again...I don't even have on of my own kits anymore! Todd
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    If I recall, that is fiberglass. The Fyberdyne guys worked on it (they are members here. Great stuff - couldn't believe it was the real deal! Todd
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    Here's a picture of me holding one of the original helmets, for scale:
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    Need a stand/case for my ST communicator - ideas?

    I have a ST:Experience comm that needs a case or display stand. Anyone have an idea? It's currently sitting in a business card holder, and that is SAD. :) Thanks. Todd
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    Conspiracy Theorists Unite! - CONSPIRACY REVEALED!

    I heard Ridley Scott was very angry about this.
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    Go here for TONS of finhead info:
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    'Alias' Rambaldi Artifacts

    I've always wanted a high-res shot of the infamous "page" - a member here posted some lower res shots of the pages, but nothing larger ever surfaced. Todd
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    Paper towel holder helmet stands

    I have the WalMart chrome/black model, was $7 or so. Can't be beat. Todd
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    LOTR Middle Earth Map Showoff Thread!!!

    Very nice. I did some "burning" of another map that I have, and ultimately think that it wasn't needed. I agree with Juno that the lemon juice/heat method (like holding it over a light bulb) works nicely. I also like to soak the paper in tea/coffee and then bake it in the oven to dry on low...