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    Interest Jumanji Board Animated Riddle Kit

    This add-on is above and beyond!!
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    2007 TFTM movie-scale "Frenzy" Transformer-custom (pic-heavy)

    I just saw this thread! VERY NICE. I also made Frenzy a long time ago =)
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    New Spidey Suit...

    I'm going to have to save up for one of these!
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    Transformers Cube

    Hi guys - I measured my copy of Doc's cube I got here and the sides are 7 inches exactly. They have copies for sale at Universal Studios in LA for about 200$
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    Tutorial: never have to buy blades again

    ;__; I saw this just after I bought a 100 pack of xacto blades. I guess I now have blades for life! Question, does this work well after the tip of the blade snaps off?
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    General Gundam/Mecha Cosplay Tutorial

    Nice work. I particularly like the simplicity of the drawings. I have also managed to develop this very same method! Arms and hands?
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    Shapeways Dredd Armour

    Also, Shapeways has a policy against printing guns or gun parts at full size
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    Ikariya's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry: Spider-Man

    @Peter Parker, Unfortunately they came with they eyes. It is a really fine metal mesh. I've been researching to find them and the local hobby stores don't have them. I think since this is probably one of Spidey4fun's eyes that you may be able to ask him.
  9. Spider-Man


    Spider-Man costume for theRPF Halloween contest 2012
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    Ikariya's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry: Spider-Man

    Here's my entry for 2012, my full body Spider-Man costume! Thank you everyone who have posted advice about spider suits as I was able to use most if not all of the posts to make my suit. I've sewn things together before and the pattern was interesting to put together since its a 'onesie'. I...
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    The RPF 2012 Halloween Costume Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Re: *** the RPF 2012 Halloween Costume Contest *** I love these things. I'll be posting my entry soon =)
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    TMNT Krang + Android Body *Final Pics pg. 9"

    Re: TMNT Krang + Android Body Budget Build Yes yes yes! Tell your daughter she did a good job helping!
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    Bane Costume (Black Jacket) For Midnight Premiere

    Nice Job! If you're going to get pix at the premiere, get into it and make your eyes angry and disturbed. The eyes in your pictures are kind and soft.
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    Who builds Marvel's Comic-Con displays?

    Obie had it studied in movie 1, so it was at Stark Industries... Also, I'm sure they have teamsters put up the props in the booth while the booth is built to specification by the builder teamsters....