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    Winter soldier/Bucky Barnes robotic arm

    oh my god that's amazing! what did you make it with?
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    Winter soldier/Bucky Barnes robotic arm

    I've been considering my try at bucky's robotic arm for a while, but still can't find a way to make a good one. How did you guys make yours or how do you think i could make a good one, no worbla or other super expensive things, open to almost everything.
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    Iron Man armor painting tips?

    how much did it cost you?
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    Antwerpcon Belgium 2015

    Who on the forums is going to Antwerpcon in Belgium? Let me know in the comments, and also tell me what you'll be cosplaying
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    SHIELD Clock

    YOU win at parenthood, my friend. Great idea!
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    I AM GROOT! Build

    you look like the younger version of chris pratt/starlord when he was a little bit chubbier. (not meant rude, but you look pretty spot on)
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    Captain America First Avenger ww2 compass

    i once bought a compass for a trip to the forest 7 years ago, noww i'm 16 and found out i bought an original ww2 compass like the one used in TFA, now that's a dollar deal
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    Is balsa wood dust toxic?

    no cancer, but you can get lung problems from breathing in wood particles, the paper masks should even be enough
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    CA:TWS steve's casual jacket

    I need some help identifying the jacket steve wears during the highway scene. To me it looks like a jacket you could find in the shops so i hope somebody knows the right jacket/ something that looks like it
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    Deadpool paper props

    I'm doing a deadpool cosplay soon, and i wanted to know if deadpool has any paper props i can take with me just for fun. Anything is good, from big signs to small papers, just any paper prop
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    how to make a foam pole ?

    just use a wooden dowel, much stronger and not much heavier
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    Updated Man Cave Pics

    can i please live in your house with you? i'll pay rent?
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    Deadpool costume ideas?

    the sideshow tou is beast, and really close to what i want, i like it being more like a real clothing instead of a morphsuit I'm thinking of putting a pair of those rugby or hockey shoulder pads under the costume to look a little broader/stronger I'm not going with the overall though (too luch...
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    Deadpool costume ideas?

    TBH, i have been looking around a lot on the rpf and google and i was thinking to 1) use some kind of armor to give me a more trained look (shoulder pads mostly). i definately need to find a website to buy plastic swords like this guy...
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    Deadpool costume ideas?

    I'm going to be making a deadpool cosplay soon, but i don't want any of the lycra suits online ( too ugly, not realistic or just too much paint, wrong size etc) So i want to make my own costume but don't know how. Does anybody have suggestions on how to make it look good and make my own (can be...