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    CHAPPiE Ninja M4 Project

    Looks great! The paint job of the gun has been stuck in my head since I saw the film, way to go recreating it in such detail.
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    Articulated Skeleton

    Better grip, the delrin joints hold in place well, but I think if I used a material with more grip it would support a little more weight.
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    Snowspeeder model from Star Wars Identities - Sydney 2019

    Looks amazing! One of my all time favorite ships.
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    Blade Runner PKD blaster / That Gun

    Great work so far! The Bladerunner Blaster is on my bucket list, because it isn't a big priority my thoughts are to do so from a kit or 3D print, so I'll be having to do a lot of refinishing of pieces. Posts like this will serve as invaluable reference for order of operations, thank you so much...
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    Articulated Skeleton

    In my research before the build I came across these camera mounts as possible joints, I ruled them out due to their size, ironically the deleon joints ended up being the same size, so I bought a pack of these. Additionally, material question, does anyone know of a plastic like deleon with a...
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    Articulated Skeleton

    I'm a photographer who has been using skeletons as subjects for a few years now. I've essentially been using halloween props and the like and reworking them. When I started I took them apart and wired the joints to make them "posable." They were still essentially marionette puppets, useable but...
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    Question Where to post?

    Thank you! Will do.
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    Question Where to post?

    Hello all, New to the site and was hoping to get some input on best places to post. I am a photographer and make a lot of my own original props for my shoots. I wanted to join this community to further my knowledge of making and share with people who have the same passion. I just don’t know...
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    K-2SO with Butterfly

    Awhile back I picked up a K-2SO figure at a thrift store for $1.89. It’s a 1/6 figure which is great but for anyone who has seen them you know they look a bit cheesy stock, so I wanted to refinish mine. I started by re-coating it with a matte clear coat as it had that cheap plastic look, that...