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    Is there a Buck Rogers TV Suit

    I have 2 original screen-used suit and pants (both man and woman).... there's a pic of my female Starfighter tunic here in this forum somewhere. last summer, I hired a very talented local seamstress to replicate 3 copies for me and my family. But it's been almost a year with no progress so...
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    Beetlejuice Shrunken Head Guy

    I love this movie... very nice work. It will make a awesome Halloween display when you finish the rest of him. Nick BTY, here's a scratch-build Snake-Head Beetlejuice that my buddy sculpted.
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    Three Strikes and you're OUT!!

    :lol OK, you got me on that one. Nick
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    Three Strikes and you're OUT!!

    Wow... Just Wow :eek I was recently contacted by a customer who bought something I made years ago from another collector in Canada. Customs was holding the item and insisting on another $400 bucks for import duties because they assume the item was manufactured in Canada. The item in question...
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    Slush-Casting Latex: Hydrocal or Ultracal Mold???

    Howdy, I have a personal project I'm working on that will be cast in slush latex. It's been years since I've made anything from latex. I remember some stuff I learned from my short stint working in SPFX make-up, but it's been too long and my memory is rusty :$ Anyhow, is the standard mold...
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    Buck Rogers Starfighter Helmet & BSG (TOS) Headset

    Steve, The pic your looking at is a screen-cap from the Movie before he had the custom-made helmet. I think for the movie they had just one helmet with the leather liner. I've never seen it used in the TV series. Nick
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    Buck Rogers Starfighter Helmet & BSG (TOS) Headset

    My screen-used Starfighter helmet just had a thin 1/4 inch thick black foam liner all around. I'm pretty sure it had additional padding inside to make it wearable. Most of the helmets made after the movie/pilot had the white molded styofoam liner (it's one of those bicycle helmet dome liner)...
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    Did they (Bondo™) stop making glazing/spot putty?

    Walmart has them at a great price. All the other auto part stores sells them for alot more. Nick
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    Buck Rogers Starfighter Helmet & BSG (TOS) Headset

    Just got back from Academy Sports. The football helmets I looked at costs $40 bucks... not $30 like I thought :$ I decided not to spend 40 bucks just for a few pieces of foam padding. Gonna look around for cheaper options. Nick
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    Buck Rogers Starfighter Helmet & BSG (TOS) Headset

    Thanks Funky, BTY, I was looking for helmet interior padding at Academy (Don't know if you have them in Tulsa but it's a sporting goods store). I found some student football helmet with these really cool "sci-fi looking" padded liners that attaches with velcro. I've looked on-line but can't...
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    Quick screencap request: Buck Rogers helmet artwork

    Funky, I have the artwork, I just forgot to put it in the box when I mailed you helmet :rolleyes I'll sent you an extra decal when I have it cut out. Nick :cool
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    Buck Rogers Starfighter Helmet & BSG (TOS) Headset

    Model SM12A is the one with the in-ear audio-in piece and the ones used in the TV series. They cost allot more than the SM10A (pictured in my previous post) which don't have the ear piece. Nick
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    BSG collection Display

    Mark, If the Buck Rogers gang comes to another Megacon, I love to bring out my Starfighter costume and prop replicas and display it with your studio scale models. Nick :)
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    BSG collection Display

    Always wanted to attend Megacon but I just couldn't fit it into my schedule. BTY, did you guys purchase the space for your display or was it provided by the con organizer? Nick