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    Star Wars Celebration 2017--Orlando, FL

    I'll be there. Would love a badge.
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    looking for Obi Wan Kenobi' Chest pics

    Boy I was expecting shirtless pics of Ewan McGregor here based on the title of this thread!! :lol
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Post-release)

    I think he could still be. We only saw Snoke in holographic form. Doesn't mean that is what he really looks like in person, or he could be able to change how he looks and there could be a true reveal later on.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release) (Spoilers)

    EDIT: Also, did anyone hear Han call Ren "Ben" on the gang plank? I swear I heard it both viewings.... Yes that is his birth name....
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    Rocketeer Rocket Pack - Comics Version

    Looks great and even better in person. Glad I got to see it today at Awesome-Con and great to meet another RPFer!! We were behind you and I said to my friend "I recognize that rocket pack!!" Hilary
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    Phoenix Comic Con on May 28-31

    I need help at Phoenix Comic Con on May 28-31 with Michael Shanks on a 11x14 SG-1 cast photo. Is anyone going who would be willing to help? Willing to help with admission costs. Thanks, Hilary
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    Adventurecon or other Knoxville Cons??

    Last October I went to Adventure Con in Knoxville but can't seem to get the website to work. Is it happening this year? Are there any other cons in the Knoxville area?? Thanks! Hilary
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    Wizard World Chicago Aug 8-11 2013

    I went and had a good time at the show. Some lines were mismanaged with too many VIP's sold. I waited for about 3 hrs to meet Summer Glau. Eddie McClintock, John Barrowman, Michael Rosenbaum and Manu Bennett were super cool to meet.
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    Can you guess what this will be?

    Is that from the girl,in the fireplace episode of doctor who?
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    River Song’s Alpha Meson Blaster: Finished Pics Post 14

    Yes that would be awesome.
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    Farscape Props

    And what would one of those set you back???
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    CLONE WARS weekly discussion thread

    Ashoka does not exist in the current trilogy....yet. I am assuming that when the new 3D version of ROTS comes out Lucas will add a quick CGI scene to the Order 66 montage showing her being killed by her own troops. I assume she will be made a Jedi Knight sometime soon in the Clone Wars...
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    Another Alpha Meson From DW build

    any updates on progress and when kits might be ready?
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    Stargate SG-1 G8-Wep Jacket

    I would suggest visiting They have probably the most accurate SG-1 jacket in all the variants. Probably cheaper to buy from them then try to get a tailor to make them.
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    S 17 4th doctor far

    Love the Green Lantern Ring in the photo!