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  1. helmethunter

    Accurized P1 Backpack Mold Finished Pg 16

    I wish I had this, but I did find a review here that has one photo of the right side, but with the dreads blocking the upper portion (which is probably the part you need :D ) : Lots of great close-ups of the cinemaquette. Here's the link for the picture...
  2. helmethunter

    Predator Lifesize Prop

    Nobody ever posts pics of this from the side since it doesn't sell the piece like the frontal shots and looks a bit funny. But I figure folks who want to buy this piece would appreciate seeing it at this angle:
  3. helmethunter

    Predator Lifesize Prop

    I have one of the foam 3/4 statue. I think it is great, I don't know if he's a member here, but an RPFer worked on the piece. It was produced by Artistek LLC out of Distortions mold for Morris Costumes. It's very nice and I'm happy with it, but I did get it for only $100 locally. The price...
  4. helmethunter

    UglyMoFo's P1

    FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! That is an amazing suit and you pull it off well. Congratulations on knowing that you're making a lot of people, like me, jealous.
  5. helmethunter

    AVP 3d bas relief

    That is excellent! Can't wait to see the final product.
  6. helmethunter

    6ft+ Resin Cast Predator

    AMAZING!!! The pics are great and I'm sure it looks even more stunning in person. Looking forward to more updates.
  7. helmethunter

    Accurized P1 Backpack Mold Finished Pg 16

    I didn't expect any less from you Carl, that sculpt looks AMAZING! Your eye for detail is superb and like everyone else, I'm looking forward to more updates and seeing more accurized pieces.
  8. helmethunter

    SEXY SNAKE FOR 915stag51

    That is sick looking deluted22, Great Job! and congratulations 915stag51 for getting such an amazing piece!
  9. helmethunter

    What is your favorite Predator pose? PICS!

    Thanks guys! CoolleKotten, crawjaw - I am partial to the first picture and may go that route and I agree the second standing pose is too "modely". sammycstsui - That is a wicked bust and the arm position is pretty menacing. Keep the pics coming, as to what you guys would feel to be the ideal...
  10. helmethunter

    Predator 2 headpiece Progress thread

    That is truly amazing! Beautiful paintjob on a very nice canvas.
  11. helmethunter

    How Addicted to the Hunters Lair ARE You?

    Just voted as well. Working a 12 hour shift right now and still logged on on my iPhone. This site is addicting and there's so much I still need to catch up on. There are so many talented folks here that all I've been thinking about lately is how I can contribute.
  12. helmethunter

    Dancing Predators

    My wife and I got a kick out of this video! Thanks for posting it, I think my wife has a new appreciation for my renewed obsession with Predator in seeing this video.
  13. helmethunter

    Help Please

    I'm sure the veterans can chime in soon, but personally I would start with the head and bio mask and work from top to bottom. Don't know if you are going to sculpt it yourself or purchase items, but the head would be a good starting point. That way, you can test your skills on painting, build...
  14. helmethunter

    Carlart's P1 Bone Necklace Kit and a Pred Skull

    These necklaces look awesome, and you guys did a fantastic job painting them up! I've been bugging Carl to get a set of these as well as the bandolier, so I'm waiting patiently for his reply. His work is top notch, so hopefully I can get a set soon.
  15. helmethunter

    What is your favorite Predator pose? PICS!

    I really want to make a full scale predator display, but I want to get your thoughts on giving it presence, not like a standard mannequin. I prefer the non-crouching ones because of display space, but feel free to post pics of your all time favorite poses. I'm partial to P1 so I really like the...

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