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I'm a self-taught artist and have been sculpting on and off for a few years.<br />
My previous work was as a sign maker and did that for 12 years, so I'm skilled in pretty much any sign, graphic related work.<br />
Right now I work full time for the State of California as a heavy equipment operator.<br />
I'm a member of other forums such as the RPF, TDH, FMPF since 2002 as VashDstampede.<br />
<br />
I don't have much more to say other than, this is a hobby for me to create replica props and I enjoy it as such. <br />
Although I do like the fact that I can make some extra $$ to buy and collect more stuff to add to my collection, I never do large runs since I get bored quite quickly with a project. <br />
I love sculpting, but hate the molding part since it is time consuming and it always scares me that I may ruin a sculpt that I took so long working on.<br />
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As a rule, I don't and will never recast anyone's work.<br />
The only time I have done or will do so is if I have totally reworked and changed it AND asked and received approval from the original maker.<br />
As a sculptor myself, I know the fear of being recast and feelings that go along with having my work &quot;stolen&quot; especially for others to make quick profit for doing no work themselves besides slopping on some mold material.<br />
<br />
OK. . . moving away from the negative, I try to answer my PMs and e-mails as soon as I read them and I try to help out when I can.<br />
I have done work for folks designing and creating decals and sometimes do so without charge.<br />
Some of my sculptures have been commission work for other members from my forums.<br />
I like a challenge, so I'm up for any commission work that interests me and something I'm familiar with.<br />
I'm not much in the business aspect of this work, so at times instead of asking for $$, I like getting paid with trades of items to add to my collection.<br />
<br />
Sorry for the long read, but if I left anything out, please feel free to PM or e-mail me at forpoopinsilly (at) aol (dot) com
Feb 9, 1978 (Age: 44)
SF Bay Area