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    Iron Man Mark 85

    It looks like it was modeled after the Hot Toys figure. But it's slightly off from movie stills/posters
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    What is the best material to cast an Iron Man suit?

    If you find a site to purchase this spray from, let me know please! From my googling I'm only finding spray services which apply these coatings on floors and such. the only spray bed liner I can find is polyurethane, but not polyurea
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    IRONMAN MARK46 COS Complete!!

    Very. very good. The proportions look great as well. If you don't mind, how what materials did you use to attach the leather to the foam? Simple super glue?
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    Where are these Mk 46 3D files from?

    While I understand his logic, it's also flawed. Creating resin casts is way easier than 3D printing an entire suit each time you get an order. if someone were to purchase his 3D print, they'd be able to smooth it and cast infinite copies without ever using the 3D file
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    Iron Man Project Mark 7 17 39 42 and Patriot

    It looks like he hasn't been on since last year. I know a seller on instagram selling 42 gauntlet with the internal details but it's rather expensive. Like $500 for the finished product
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    Mark 46 build 3D print

    Personally not a big fan of the Do3D Mk46/47. It's very high priced but not screen accurate. MaxCrft files were made before the movie came out, he's in the process of remodeling it during this year.
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    Where are these Mk 46 3D files from?

    I don't think he has these listed for $12, I think that was just a bugged listing. He has some other files of other suits but this one isn't for sale, I tried to convince him multiple times. He says if people have the file, they can compete with him and run him out of business - which i find...
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    Where are these Mk 46 3D files from?

    The price is for the 3D printed kit only. Also he has a bunch of other, HD photos of the entire suit that I can't seem to find on Joetoys site. So I'm not too sure if Joe is partnered with him, or if he got the files from Joe. Either way I doubt these files will be available anytime soon.
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    Where are these Mk 46 3D files from?

    I found the files. 鋼鐵俠 3d打印服務 3d打印模型MK3 MK7 MK17 MK42 MK45 MK46 They're created by this seller on taobao (chinese marketplace) I messaged him asking for his price. They're not for sale, and he won't negotiate. :( Only open to orders of the prints, same goes for his extremely detailed Mk7
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    Where are these Mk 46 3D files from?

    I was looking around at Mk 46 3D prints and found this shop Iron Man Mk 46/47 Suit 3D Print Their design doesn't look like Do3D files as there are some subtle differences in the pieces and it looks more screen accurate.. does anyone know where I can buy them?
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    Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet repaint - why would someone do this?

    Wow, awesome. I'll be sure to try this out once I get my gauntlet. Thanks!
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    Another DIY Ironman Mark 42 build.

    Hey thanks for the info. What I meant was, in the photo where the helmet is dark blue, is that a type of primer? It reminds me of high build automotive primer, just wanted to double check what it was
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    Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet repaint - why would someone do this?

    Wow that looks amazing. So in order to get this effect, you used gloss black, followed by alclad chrome? And then gold, followed by varnish?
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    Another DIY Ironman Mark 42 build.

    What is the paint in the 5th photo? Is it a special type of primer? Thanks!
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    Iron Man mk 50 best option?

    One thing you cant try is EVA foam covered with vinyl leather. No need to deal with painting foam, you just have to find the vinyl and learn how to apply the leather to the foam...