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  1. healvis

    Question about the original 11' USS Enterprise

    The lights & box were present at the Golden West display. You can clearly see the dome lights in action from the photo in the article.
  2. healvis

    32" Falcon parts

    Re: 32" Falcon underside. Tamiya M60A1 I think Lee with some magazines from a Tamiya M16 possibly.
  3. healvis

    Slave1 V.4

    This place looks reasonable Guy.
  4. healvis

    Slave1 V.4

    Guy, There are people on ebay who sell custom cut sheets of 3mm acrylic/perspex. A 1000mm x 500mm sheet for about 17 quid as an example. A builder of your talent could knock one up pretty quickly. :)
  5. healvis

    SS models .. a good read on history of props

    This picture, to my eye almost shows the Falcon as it ended up in the film. I blurred out the rest of the ship to show what I mean.
  6. healvis

    Samsters 22" MPC Round 2 Eagle Transporter

    They also had an 11" version. The new 22" kit is a scaled down version of the 44". The original 22" is less detailed and does not have the articulated landing gear.
  7. healvis

    Starship Tug Miranda

    It looks very much like Martin Bowers' style.
  8. healvis

    2001 USA Space Nuke

    I have the instruction sheet for the Life-Like AC Lee but can't see any of those parts. The Airfix Vosper lifebelt looks similar but is a 70's kit. Try some big boat kits.
  9. healvis

    Need a model kit part ?

    I can help you out also Chris if you need. John.
  10. healvis

    ID Help, Please.

    Can anybody help me figure these parts out please. The model is the Zeaf from Terrahawks. It's the parts in the black rectangle. I know the skinny parts at the side are EMA so that bit is sorted. This part in the red box. Thanks for any help, John.
  11. healvis

    Sealab Reissue

    Apart from this site Jason, which is just a small corner of the internet, I have seen nothing advertising this kit. So if the majority of orders placed have come from RPF members then raising what they have is not bad going. Somebody needs to get Social Media involved via Facebook or whatever. I...
  12. healvis

    Studio Scale Tie Fighter Build - Nice'N Model Designs

    E.M.A do amber rods in acrylic. Nice kit I like it.
  13. healvis

    Studio Scale Thunderbird 2 semi-scratch build

    To create this out of the piece of junk you started with is astounding. Beautiful work Lazyeagle. I love the colour of Halfords filler primer.
  14. healvis

    Sealab Reissue

    I just noticed that R2 has put up a page with a vote for a possible re-issue.
  15. healvis

    Narcissus Builders Club N Stuff.

    I almost wish you don't paint it Lee. Fantastic stuff mate.

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