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    Help Identifying Venom piece

    I've got some other shots of it I found on a blog, I'll have to search a bit through the hard drive.
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    Spider-Man Chronicles: Spoiler pix added 5/5/07

    Any good shots of venom in it?
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    TESB YODA (Completed)

    Great work cyberman.
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    Yoda sculpture

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(darthvaderv @ Feb 9 2007, 12:10 PM) 1415253</div> I need to have a finished full sized yoda by Feb 13th so I cant put in the time to do it accurately. Heres some pics I colored and added eyes to. I swiped the eyes from Jedi Dave's thread hope he doesn't mind.
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    Yoda sculpture

    I agree looked quite evil, especially those eyes. Heres an update, about the 4th or 5th hour now. Sadly the likeness isn't great but time constraints made me move on. I'm tightening up forms right now, getting it ready to detail. When it's cast I'll be dremeling the inner lids down so I can...
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    Yoda sculpture

    About to retire for the night, it's looking a bit less Boglin like.
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    Yoda sculpture

    This is a Yoda I started an hour ago, I know he looks like a boglin right now but I'll fix that. I've only got 3 days to finish the head sculpt so I have to fly through it and not go for 100% accuracy. At this stage I've constructed a crude armature, added the clay and started some very rough...
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    "NEW TESB" YODA head (Completed)

    What a sculpt. Very nice likeness, do you have any previous work you could share?
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    KING KONG (2005) Skull Island MAP!

    Thanks for the scan.
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    My costumes

    Great suits.
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    Great suit, you wear it well.
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    Building the Falcon

    Great stuff.
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    Howard Studios Freddy bust

    Nice job. Very nice likeness.
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    Begins foam latex

    Very nice torso.