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    Ash's Evil Dead 11 harness help please.

    Hey guys, I'm working on 2 ED11 harnesses, and I'm having trouble figuring out what's leather, and what's webbing. I've tried searching and can't come up with anything definitive, plus most all of the pictures in the old threads don't work, so if anyone knows, and/ or has pics of any kind that...
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    Need to make a text-bubble that I can wear. Suggestions?

    Why not make it out of foam board, and use some coat hanger wire to mount it to a head band so it will float out next to your head?
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    fred on fred the many faces of me?

    Does anyone have any good images of the book cover of Fred's book from the first live action Scooby-Doo movie? I thought it would be a fun prop to add to the Doo collection.
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    baron boutique question for anyone who sent them fabric.

    Hey, they gave me this address Le-Baron Intl P.O.Box 21750 Kathmandu, Nepal to ship my fabric to but I tried to ship it today, and the ups store guys kept asking about postal codes. Did everyone shipping through usps just use this address as is or am I missing something?
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    A couple of spidey face shell questions

    Oops, this is what I get for posting right before bed time, sorry. Thanks for the answers though.
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    A couple of spidey face shell questions

    1. why a face shell, doesn't ones face make a face shape so I'm not sure exactly why its needed, and does anyone just go without one. 2. has anyone made a shell out of foamies?
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    Spider-man (Raimi) 3D Print Files/Pattern - FREE

    Wow this is awesome, can't wait to get my suit on :D. I'm in the 5'10" 5'11" range, will it be worth my trouble to resize it or am i close enough? (sorry for continuing to beat the dead horse on sizes) also has anyone tried to do a separate mask version for this print?
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    Wash's green coveralls possibly identified.

    Oh, was this already known? I couldn't find any real definative info on the green suit. Well at least the info is out now. Can't stop the signal as they say.
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    Wash's green coveralls possibly identified.

    Ok guys, here it is I think his green flightsuit is acctually a pair of green Red Kap brand coveralls, first we start with the garment itself. Ok, I couldn't find any better shots (I might can screen cap some, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet). Lets look at some identifying traits of...
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    Want to Buy Red and black welding goggle strap

    Yeah, I know the dangers of buying based on a pic. I have 2 pairs of goggles already for the 6 vents, and i'll be rounding the little flip up tabs. I was hopping that someone might have a pair of old goggles just laying around with the right strap and not have any attachment to it. The strap...
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    Want to Buy Red and black welding goggle strap

    Ok, I have been commissioned to make a pair of Doctor Horrible goggles, and I want to give them the best work I can, but I need a better strap for the goggles, I'm looking for one like this. I'm iffy just buying goggles online because 1, I only need the strap. and 2, the product may be...
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    New 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

    They left it out because the remote version did not need a screw to keep it together. The production team painted over the screw so it was deemed that an idealized version of it would not have the screw. and no the crackle pattern over that particular area had to be changed to accommodate the...
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    Is 10th Doctor suit a "findable" item? Resale, Goodwill...

    I have seen brown suits with blue pinstripes, but they were only vaguely accurate really. Nothing right about it other than the colors (number of buttons, pockets, width of pinstripes etc.) I currently use a brown suit with light brown pinstripes, not the best but not one has called me out on it...