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  1. Grizwald200

    Spider-Man PS4 Classic Suit

    You may get lucky browsing spandexworld's site. They do offer samples on almost all fabrics and I've gotten some from them in the past. In addition they have a huge selection of different kinds of fabrics I probably have at least 6-7 different red 4 way stretch fabrics from a more cotton blend...
  2. Grizwald200

    Iron man endgame nano suit patterns

    Gotcha, yeah I would suggest what StolenBlackMesa said to do since it looks like it's just a 3 point star essentially spaced out equally you could make a sticky sheet print it out where the star is cut out of it and spray paint that with maybe a slightly frosted clear glass color so its not...
  3. Grizwald200

    Iron man endgame nano suit patterns

    Just rewatched Endgame and Infinity War and that pattern is on Spidey's suit as well as the Mark 50 and 85. It is also interestingly enough also on the Nano Gauntlet and you can see it briefly when the stones are being placed into it. Not sure if it is visible on the Hulk sized gauntlet though.
  4. Grizwald200

    Spidey mask/costume making experts out there? I need help

    You could probably buy screen printed fabric that has just the dots then cut out the mask pattern and do the webbing yourself.
  5. Grizwald200

    Iron Spider-Man and mechanical lenses

    This may not help you depending on if you have a timeline or not but Cavin Creations on YouTube and Instagram is working on not just a kit but also a tutorial for his mechanical lenses that he has been developing since right around Civil War coming out. I have one of his most recent versions and...
  6. Grizwald200

    Would it be safe to put glow-in-the-dark fabric paint on my spiderman lenses?

    My suggestion is if your going for the white lenses being glow in the dark is using Rust-Oleum Specialty Spray Glow in the dark. I have used this product and as long as you follow the instructions when applying and apply it to a white surface you will get a really good glow that activates almost...
  7. Grizwald200

    Spiderman zentaizone suit

    To me it looks like its possible that one of your measurements or their scaling was off as it looks like it may be too tall in the torso. I have a Far From Home suit with the U-Zipper and it is fine and doesn't bend on itself. Have you tried sending images of this issue to Zentai Zone?
  8. Grizwald200

    Time Heist GPS

    I don't believe anyone has posted on here but I remember Uncle Jessy on YouTube 3d printed and built one. You can also if you're on Instagram find a few.
  9. Grizwald200

    Spider-Man suit web pattern

    You can also add liquid latex to the puff paint which will allow the paint to stretch and not crack as bad.
  10. Grizwald200

    Spider-Man advice?

    Tjack is a great source for shells/frames/lenses and even offers other Spidey props like Emblems and webshooters for Homecoming and Far From Home spidey suit. Andrey Blend's Etsy page is a excellent source to go to in order to get 3d print files for various spidey related props as well. With...
  11. Grizwald200

    Need help to make accurate 1977 spider man pattern with accurate seams

    Check out cyanmandesigns on instagram I just had a custom pattern done by him. I don't know how much he will change up the seams for this but its worth a shot.
  12. Grizwald200

    Cheap ideas for mcu spiderman faceshell

    Okay the other solution I can think of would be to 3D print a shell if you have access to one say at a library or know somebody. Yeah it kind of has a rubbery feel although that feeling is great for keeping masks in place, I can't speak to the easily removable part as I've only used it on one...
  13. Grizwald200

    Far from Home: Reference images? *possible spoilers*

    I don't think you will find that great of reference images at the moment, but what you could do is go on YouTube or google and search like "Spider-Man Far From Home End Fight or Come On Peter Tingle Scene"
  14. Grizwald200

    Cheap ideas for mcu spiderman faceshell

    You could try and make a faceshell out of foam and go that method with plastidipping the shell when done.
  15. Grizwald200

    Fully Printed Mk85 Suit

    Dang dude looks amazing, my only critique and its a small one is it looks like their is lines from either the paint or the print running across the chest. This could just be the light but something I did notice I thought i'd point out but other than that you nailed it.

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