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    Worst Costume Experiences?

    There are college football games in the area the same weekend. It used to be anyone could enter the convention hotels and only needed a badge for the convention Halls and ballrooms. The football doods created a lot of problems and it built up over the years until a bunch of incidents of sexual...
  2. GotWookiee

    The Expanse: Amos Burton jumpsuit

    I want to make Amos' season 3 costume. Any ideas on a good source for the jumpsuit to modify? The rest of the Roci crew wears a pretty standard jumpsuit, but the cut of his upper half looks more like a jacket or shirt, than a typical jumpsuit, especially the shoulders. I've been looking at...
  3. GotWookiee

    Mods for Supreme Chewbacca Costume?

    While it's a bit incomplete, most of what you need to know about building a Wook is on my site
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    Cathartic Release: What's YOUR Star Wars Story?

    1. I'll throw my support for an anti-Western style Obi-Wan movie, possibly directed by Clint Eastwood. Kenobi is broken, a bit crazy. He talks to Qui-Gon but neither he nor the audience is sure if it's really him or its a hallucination. No idea what the plot would be, but the story would be...
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    Silicone lifecast didn't cure. Bad thixotrope?

    Just did a lifecast for a friend. We used smooth on body double silk. I've done a dozen or so over years and have never had inhibition issues. This is my third lifecast with silk. The inner layer was just the silk and cured fine. The outer layers we're inconsistent and many areas failed to cure...
  6. GotWookiee

    Dragoncon 2017

    Yeah, I'll be there.
  7. GotWookiee

    ANOVOS picks up the high-end Star Wars Costuming License!

    Indeed. A lot of us Wookiees have been discussing the suit. It is a latch hooked kanekalon suit, which is the way most of us do it. From what I understand they are going to be making them all by hand, which is the only way to make a quality Wookiee. It's similar to those silicone real flesh...
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    Starship Troopers Reboot Coming

    I'm interested to see a reboot that is closer to the book. I don't particularly like the book, but the setting, technology, etc. is interesting enough on its own that another writer could do a better job with character, drama, and story, and tone down the heavy handed monologues that dominated...
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    Want to Buy Silicone cheaper than Smooth On ecoflex 20 's

    There is gel 00 by polytek, but I think it is roughly the same price. Matt Pfingsten
  10. GotWookiee

    Nom Anor, SW Crimson Empire

    Amazing as always, Thomas. Matt Pfingsten
  11. GotWookiee

    Question about "standards" in organized Star Wars groups

    It's best to drop by the relevant costume group (sounds like the Mando Mercs are what you are looking for) and ask them. Generally speaking, the standards are all about the results, and don't rule out specific techniques or materials, unless it is known that said materials would never work no...
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    Dragoncon 2017

    Got my room at the DragonCon rate. Despite the no transfer rule I've easily transferred rooms before when I had an extra room and gave it to someone. Check the DragonCon room connections page for instructions. Basically you add the person to your reservation, they PayPal you the deposit, and...
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    Upholstery Foam carving tool on Mythbusters Simpson's special

    Hot wire foam cutters will cut through expanded polystyrene and Styrofoam like a hot knife through butter, but just singe upholstery foam. Here is a pic of the tool in question.
  14. GotWookiee

    Upholstery Foam carving tool on Mythbusters Simpson's special

    So on the Simpson's episode of Mythbusters they built a Homer dummy out of upholstery foam. I've done a fair bit of upholstery foam carving with an electric turkey carving knife and a bandsaw, and a bit of shaping with a die grinder but asavage had some kind of really cool wand tool to do some...

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