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    Want to Buy Halo MA5C Working Replica(Not Airsoft)

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a replica of the Halo MA5C. I am not looking for the Airsoft. I know there are many out ther but at the moment I cant find one that has working trigger, lights and lamp, sound, counter and clip that re-sets counter other then the Airsoft guns. I remember one that...
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    Want to Buy Triforce Stands

    Hi anyone know where I can get stands for the Project Triforce Halo Plasma rifles and for the NECA Halo Needler? It can be 3D printer or anything as long as they can hold the 10-20 lbs props. I am sure others have this issue and may have found a solution i hope. Any help would be grateful Thanks
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    Aragorn's Ring (Where to find acurrat version)

    It's Been a while since I have stopped by RPF and want to reply to this old thread. I want to say I have had a NC for some time now and can say I am satisfied with its accuracy. So what I want to know is based on the books, it describes the ring as Silver with snakes that have jewel...
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    Interest U pic it, we make it - 3d Printed Gun kit

    The closest real world cun I could find to it is the Torus Raging Bull, but not exact. Any one know what Revolver the Hand Cannons in destiny are based off of?
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    Interest U pic it, we make it - 3d Printed Gun kit

    I 2nd that. Picked it up in game last week and its my favorite next to the Ice Breaker
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    Interest U pic it, we make it - 3d Printed Gun kit

    I would like an ice Breaker From Destiny, depends on price, and how detailed it is + if it can be sold built and painted
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    Want to Buy Ice Breaker Exotic Sniper from DESTINY

    Hi everyone I have seen 3d prints of guns from the game and thought I should ask? I am looking for a detailed replica of my favorite gun from the game And was wandering who could point me to a member who offered replicas. Have seen a Fusion Rifle and Hand Cannon out there by...
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    Done / Completed CLOSED **Obi-Wan ANH** Weathered Lightsaber Project : Sept 2014 NEW RUN!!!

    Re: **Obi-Wan ANH** Weathered Lightsaber Project : Sept 2014 NEW RUN!!! Hay, I personal Would go for one of this! I got one off E-bay from Romans and its Awesome!
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    Babylon 5 machined aluminium PPG kits??

    Yes He did. I contacted him one but lost touch.
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    Limited Run SIGN UP Doctor Who War Doctor Sonic Screwdriver ALL METAL SPRING LOADED

    Hi Russ Been away from RPF for a while. I just want to say the Sonic came out Awesome! Thanks so much for the fast shipping ;)
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    Official dimensions of Kobold D-ring

    This All Sounds great! So when Can we expect the ESB parts to be available? Will they be Aluminum? Will the grips also be aluminum?
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