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    Metaluna Mutant Mask Mold - Original or other?

    Hi Saiers, I sent you a PM. Did you see?
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    Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien)

    I am absolutely blown away. Every 1:1 alien head that is offered, I keep passing on. This is THE ONE! I cannot wait to own one of these! You have achieved what no one else has ever done except Giger himself! Bravo!!!!
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    Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien)

    It looks unbelievable! I agree on shaving off a bit on the sides too so its less bubbly. I am so happy I never purchased an alien for my collection. Easily one of my favorite monsters of all time and I refuse to add an inaccurate piece to my collection. This is *the one*!!!!!! I will be honored...
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    1:1 schwarzenegger One year later - updated 11/21

    I mentioned in the original thread that this was also the best Arnold I've ever seen and I've seen em all. Its coming along beautiful. I will echo everyone else that I truly hope you offer a run of copies to members. I dont have an Arnold in my collection because I am a perfectionist and wanted...
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    Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien)

    Re: Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien) Sculpting finished page 45 I cannot wait to see this finished. I really hope you offer some for sale because I'll be all over this! I've held out on adding an alien to my collection for a reason!!!!! You are doing an unbelievable job!!!!
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    3M blue painter's tape vs. Frog tape

    I use nothing but the 3M blue DELICATE tape. There is a huge difference and the price is significantly higher as well. Never had an issue with it pulling the paint off. The regular 3M blue tape is has alot more stick/tackiness to it. Try the DELICATE roll.
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    T-Studio animatronic Endo bust from Japan

    sick ass piece. I'd love one. Its 11k starting bid and looks like buy it now for 30k! Wozers!
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    1:1 GRAND MOFF TARKIN Bust by Jordu Schell

    I have several 1:1 pieces of Jordu's work. Anything that comes out of his shop is simply incredible. Its worth every penny and once you purchase one of his creations you are instantly hooked. Here is one of my favorties from my collection. His name is Mold Man. Last 2 photos are in HDR format...
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    1:1 Crystal Skull 'Indiana Jones KOTCS' Sculpture (New Pic Pg. 6)

    Re: 1:1 Crystal Skull 'Indiana Jones KOTCS' Sculpture (New Pics Pg. 2) My kids havent seen this thread yet, and Im going to try and contain myself from looking at it when home. As long as the price is right it'll be under our tree this coming Christmas. My kids have been begging me for one...
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    So, who else is working on a Crystal Skull?

    You might be right!
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    1:1 Indiana Jones In-Progress

    Look into flocking guns and the glue they recommend for beards. You wouldnt believe the results using a flocking gun. google it up and check it out.
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    Indy 4

    I'll see if I can get a photo up tonight of what it looks like. I went to NY Comic Con and got the Gentle Giant Indy Crate. I was hoping to have the crystal skull in the box and what do you know! I got one! Its a real bad ass little replica and the screen used prop will be on of the most sought...
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    1/1 Indiana Jones bust finished

    Guys thanks for the comments but Jeff Camp painted my bust. I posted pics of him here awhile ago here. Maybe a couple months ago. Didnt get many replies. Maybe the thread was overlooked. Jeff did a tremendous job as you can see. The lips really dont look that prominent in person. I see in the...
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    1/1 Indiana Jones bust finished

    Are you refferring to me and the bust I posted photos of?
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    1/1 Indiana Jones bust finished

    Love the Indy paintup. Its really a great bust. Has to be seen in person to really be appreciated. Here are some pics of mine: