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    What's everyone working on for Halloween this year?

    I'm working on a genderbent Phantom of the Opera. It's my own design, but it's close to my heart. As is my dear Phantom.
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    Loki's Scarf From the Avengers

    I might be interested, depending on price. Because this is REALLY pretty.
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    Boromir, Full Costume Build (Pic Heavy)

    This build is mind blowing. I can't get over how gorgeous this is. I might have to take a few tips from this when I FINALLY get to work on my Eowyn.
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    Female NCR Ranger

    I've been wanting to do a Fallout: NV costume for a while. I might keep my eye on this and see how it turns out!
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    Lady Loki build

    Quick update: Scale mail is the devil. And I've run out of rings. So that's not getting done. But I was going through some fabric and I found some small amounts of brown microsuede and a few different shades of green in various fabric types. I want to use all of it, but I can't. So I'm working...
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    repulsor glove lighting and power query

    Well, it'd be cool to see how to mount the push light into something like a glove and extend the wiring. I'm BRAND new to the idea of working with LEDs for ANYTHING. So, whatever information you could share would be spectacular!
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    TDK Scarecrow Fear Gas Question

    You guys make me want to genderbend Scarecrow. XD Not a bad thing by any means, but I've already got more projects than I know what to do with. Though, I am interested in how this turns out!
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    repulsor glove lighting and power query

    Any chance for a tutorial for those of us just getting into wiring stuff? >_> I could pay you in gratitude!
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    TDKR Catwoman Mask 2.0

    So, I was clicking through the RPF to get tips on how to make my Catwoman costume again, because I convinced myself that I don't have nearly enough projects to work on. Then I found this build. I could never make something as beautiful as what you've done here. I might be interested in the...
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    Game: Which Actor... ?

    I was going to guess Natalie Portman, but the second clue threw me off. XD
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    The Amazing Spider-Man Costume on eBay... Any good?

    I'll agree with the above comments. As a rule, I don't trust ebay sellers that do mass produced superhero costumes. *casually hides Deadpool zentai suit* Unless, of course, you're getting it to mod it and make it better. Again, though, at that price, you are likely better off getting something...
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    Lady Loki build

    I've never seen a Lady Loki cape made of fur that was lined. I've only seen one that was gathered at the shoulder. For some reason, it'st he one part of the costume that people get lazy with, and I want to change that.
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    Lady Loki build

    I've got to say, I'm glad the scales look so good. I ordered a small number of them and started laughing to myself because I really have no idea what I'm doing when I'm putting them together. I just made something up and it happened to work. But anyway. Today the base for the diadem is still...
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    A Revolutionary Assassin

    I did, but I've grown rather attached to my design. Though the design for her costume is kind of interesting. I was just excited that they designed a costume that's ALMOST historically accurate, and that it was from the period of history I know how to costume. XD
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    A Revolutionary Assassin

    I haven't touched this thread or this project in months. That's what happens when you break your ankle, though. Ugh. I don't have any progress on this, besides a couple more detail pictures sketched up, but while we were moving from one state to another, I found 3 full bins of fabric. Fabric I...