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    AAV Drop Ship

    Woah !..., Real-world - Functionality & Form ! - Hail to a Master Builder ! I’m starting to think joberg maybe right re; taking out a patent Katsu - san !:p Ged
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    1983 debate: “Star Wars is brutalizing children .... making children dumber ...”

    Agree with everything you’ve said Psab, but whilst not considering myself to be a die hard film buff - I’ve seen Tender Mercies (many, many years later on t.v.) , happily still as a ‘stupidly childlike’ adult - and it’s a pretty cool film. Not OT ‘Cool’ , but..., apples & oranges eh! ;)
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    AAV Drop Ship

    Umm..., yeah !, pretty sure that’s your (good) wife having a laugh !:lol:;)
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    AAV Drop Ship

    I’m gonna ‘borrow’ that masking tape trick/method Katsu-san, and terrific looking alternative lighting solution too! :)
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    AAV Drop Ship

    The worked on items in your latest post are beautifully executed my friend. Both your wife and yourself certainly share a creative mind - if the skill & imaginative drive were represented by an entire hand, then I’d be content to just have the tip of the finger nail on that ‘pinky’ of yours...
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    Kit-bashed speeder bike, novel design, 1/35 scale

    Fantabulous !:cool:
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    AAV Drop Ship

    “Kaminari-san = Mr.Thunder” & “Kami-san = wife..., No big difference !?” :lol::lol::lol: Katsu-san, you’re brave :oops:
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    Ackbar actor Tim Rose TLJ disappointment

    Man after my own heart :)
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    AAV Drop Ship

    ^Nothing we’ve been privileged to share in so far regarding your build threads, leads me to believe anything is beyond your skills my multi-talented friend ! So, please remember - to paraphrase a line from a favourite film of mine ... “if you build it, they will come .” ;) (Admirers of your...
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    pick one actor to follow 4EVER....

    Richard Dreyfus - appreciate his acting chops in pretty much all his body of work, & Bruce Lee - really have enjoyed his (tragically) short lived film career, would have been truly interesting to see what else this (martial) artist could have shared.
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    Building the art of Nilo Rodis-Jamero

    Terrifically realised work! Makes me wish I’d access to a 3D-printer too.
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    Bandai 1/12 Speederbike and Scout Bike Trooper (Finished)

    Fantastic diorama mate ! Oh, and there’s no such thing as too many pics, especially when their of such high quality work (y):p! Ged
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    AAV Drop Ship

    I really do love how you plan out (drawings/scaled drafts) your model’s meticulously Katsu-san.:cool: In the past, when I’ve attempted scratch builds there’s hardly been any planning involved at all, just a rudimentary sketch on what I’m hoping to see eventually.... Of course during the build...
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    Bandai release schedule

    I didn’t mind BB8 in TFA, got the Big Figs (or whatever it’s called) electronic one when it was on sale over here - hoping to weather it up (one day) for display ;). Just didn’t like, amongst most other things..., how he was used in TLJ :rolleyes: