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    Star Trek III through VI Tricorder

    Wow. Fantastic work! My favorite tricorder... I so regret selling a kit I got from Sporak years ago. I'm very interested in a possible future run too.
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    Want to Buy Darth Vader suit commission ANH

    Welcome to the madness. Read up on the subject, lots of threads here on ANH Vader. Also, check out 501st Sith Lord Detachment forums for more in-depth info. Have fun! Gathering knowledge is an important (and fun) part of costume building :)
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    Nightmare in Silver Cyberman

    Excellent build, and sweet thread! Way too few DW costume builders... I'll have to add to the above humble requests - should you decide to offer raw casts, I'm game too. Especially when it seems that we have very similar measurements....
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    Want to Buy Looking for Anything 1989 Batman

    I have some Keaton stuff; belt, gloves, cowls etc. Shoot me a PM.
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    Want to Buy screen accurate, wrinkled leather Darth Vader body suit

    I bought the CustomProps 3-piece version and in my opinion, it wrinkles kinda ok.
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    Want to Buy Batman Keaton 1989 chest torso armor leg

    I have an Artsee1 latex set, torso, legs and kneecaps, along with some more '89 stuff. PM if interested.
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    ANH Darth Ugly: A Total Transformation of an Inferior Vader Mask

    Not that cuddly when a simple protocol droid steals Vader's thunder... Darth Ugly meets the real Vader.
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    Reblocking a Hat into an Indiana Jones Fedora

    I was one of the people who first contacted Hatshapers about their thermoformed blocks and a possible prospect of a block with a nice Indy shape. Even got a prototype of the "straight sided" block from them, shape didn't work out for some reason I don't remember - might have been that the...
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    Anybody know BlueMirage Studios?

    Batarang received, everything settled. Most valid reason for delay. All is good :)
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    Anybody know BlueMirage Studios?

    Still waiting for a resin LEGO Batman Batarang from BlueMirageStudios, Been waiting for the thing since March. Was told that item never shipped, and it was going out asap and tracking # would be PM'ed to me. This was nearly a month ago. No item, no tracking number, no reply to my PM sent May...
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    Done / Completed The Lego Movie - Batman's cowl

    Cool, thanks. Still interested in a kid sized one. No big rush :)
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    Done / Completed The Lego Movie - Batman's cowl

    Any news on this?
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    89 Keaton suit project - flappety stuff added!

    Not at all atm... the rubber appliances I got for them were undersized and badly cast. Back to square 1, or 1,5 anyway. Will get back to the boot issue once I've sorted out some other things.
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    Oh Lord bless this thy hand grenade... (Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch)

    And how would this coconut have found it's way to Antioch, and then England...?
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    Oh Lord bless this thy hand grenade... (Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch)

    " thy foe, who being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it" Excellent!