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    A question about iron man project!

    I'd say leave it hollow, and keep it as segmented as you can, that way if you ever decide to modify it, or sell it, it's easier to handle/fix parts/ship it.
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    Help With Draping & Stiffening Fabric

    You'll never be able to avoid understructure; you just need to be creative about it. Ethafoam rod comes in a variety of thicknesses, and can be sliced or carved down to suit your purposes. As to stiffening agents, the oldest school route would be a thinned varnish (look up hat felting or...
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    Toothless Quad-suit Costume - Pep file download link

    Re: Toothless Quad-suit Halloween Costume WIP - Dragon Skinning Nice work man! Have you considered a counter balance for th head? Can the head tip down as she stands up (letting her rest upright might be a kindness...)
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    UV paint / lighting questions for armor

    I havnt explored them toooooo deeply. But the kind you'll find in automotive sections all say they run on a 12v system, which to my mind suggests they won't need a seperate inverter. Plus they're all running on dc right out of the box. Most of them have "try me" buttons on them (which you could...
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    UV paint / lighting questions for armor

    If you look in the "automotive accesories" sections at Wal-Mart, or Auto Zone, you can get a good deal of inexpensive LED lighting strips. Depending on your time-line, you could afford it piecemeal, or save up for a larger purchase, but $40 could get you a good start...
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    Fear Itself/Asgardian Iron Man WIP

    El wire works by encasing one wire in an electroluminesant (spelling wrong I'm sure) powder, which is coiled with a second, finer wire. When a current runs through the wires, it passes through the powder, makng it glow. When you repeatedly bend the wire at any point, the powder gets pushed away...
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    Fear Itself/Asgardian Iron Man WIP

    Be careful putting el tech on any joints. It flexes well for a while, but eventually it shorts out and you loose the effect. Have you considered recessed led strip lights? Pehaps shining onto reflective tape?
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    Hello to all! Iron man, and new membership

    Do the helmet last. Make sure all your elbow/knee joints are good (matching and parallel) Don't hurry, but set a deadline (goals matter)
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    Movie Costume Blog

    That looks genuinely interesting. Thanks fot the heads up
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    IRON MAN Hall of Armor W.I.P. Updates

    Re: IRON MAN Hall of Armor W.I.P. Have you considered automotive headliner as a lining for the suit? It'd soften the fit, still be breathable, and jive with the overall aurtomotive look of the armor.
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    Iron Man/War Machine EASY hand files

    Thanks dude. I'm planning on heat shaping a glove in abs plastic. I think this'll go a long way...
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    [Cosplay] Saint Seiya Bronze Armor V1

    I loved that anime! Nice job
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    Need help figuring out jaw armature

    Maybe you could gang the ring,middle, and pinkey together on one line (say to the operators middle finger, and run a line cabling the jaw to the ring/pinkey finger loops? It'd take some practice, but might be more comfortable in the long run.
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    Advice / Potential problems spotted for this arm.

    Have an understructure of hard/dense foam for the spikes. Dragonskin's pretty tough, but heavy. To fil those spikes would be expensive and not hold up the best...
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    leg hinges

    you could make two tabs that overlap (one coming up from the shin, one down from the thigh) in sintra, or abs plastic, and run a bolt, or chicago screw through them. That ay you could hatshape where they need to join to the armor pieces fr a flush fit, and have a nice parallel setting for your...