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    What book is this? (Chulthu / occult)

    Uops I should have know that since I'm from Spain :facepalm:lol Many thanks. In person is an impressive piece of art, some serious artisan work here. It looks ancient and authenthic and the engravings are unreal. The best work on a book I've seen in my life. I really would like to replicate...
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    What book is this? (Chulthu / occult)

    Hi everybody, I saw today an exposition of film terror props here in Madrid and they had this intriging book. It has some intricated desing and two (Chulthu?) markings on the spine. Very spectacular piece /prop or whatever it is. I couldn't ask anybody what is this, someone knows where this...
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    Narins latest sneek....

    I have a 1/3 bust wolf from him and I can confirm that that backpack is 1/2. I always thought that a Predator 1/2 scale in full size would be incredible. It seems Narin goes that way, please Narin make it happen! Personally, I really cannot blame Narin for anything. I own several of his model...
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    Some old kits I've built

    Great, great work here. What did you used for the netting? It looks fantastic.
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    Must comment this one... Awesome work. Wish the Sideshow's piece would be painted like that!!!!
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    Alternative Hunter

    Wow wow wow wait a second I missed this Narin do you mean that you could do some of the Lost Hunters?? That's a terrific idea!! I can provide you tons of reference photos of them if you want. In fact, I was going to suggest you doing a Elder Predator. The Elder's armor in the movie was the...
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    Alternative Hunter

    Isnt the word to the point that you reported my message and now I have a warning... for saying that it looks neat???!!! This is ridiculous. This is the most insane thing Ive ever seen in a forum. I hope the mods will remove this warning quickly as I didnt anything wrong but praising Narin's work!!
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    Alternative Hunter

    Anyways I consulted the Word Reference Dictionary and the word doesnt mean anything negative :? neat ▶adjective * 1 in good order; tidy or carefully arranged. * 2 done with or demonstrating skill or efficiency. * 3 (of a drink of spirits) not diluted or mixed with anything else. * 4 N...
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    Alternative Hunter

    Wow wow dude try to calm yourself down. Im from Spain and the english is not my native language. Im still in the process of learning your language, and sometimes I commit mistakes, like everybody. I thought that the "neat" word stands for something positive, not negative, I was trying to say...
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    Alternative Hunter

    A predator without netting is like a day without sun. Anyways it looks very good like I said
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    Alternative Hunter

    Looking great! Wish the body would have the netting, but it looks neat.
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    my classic Predator paint up

    Narin please empty your inbox, lol! ;)
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    Sideshow C3PO 1:1 Bust

    The neck is too long. I would rather prefer an accurate resin head painted with electroplating.
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    Licensed Pulse Rifle pre-order

    Thanks a lot sir! I found the bezel too rounded (or wrong rounded if you will), with those corrections you are doing a great work guys.